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Hive: Pillbug Carbon Expansion Board Game

Hive: Pillbug Carbon Expansion Board Game

  • Hive Carbon is needed to use this expansion
  • Adds depth and complexity
  • Expansion for the MENSA Select game

Hive Pillbug Carbon is a new pair of tiles that can be added to Hive. The pillbug moves like the queen bee – one space at a time – but it also has a special ability that it may use instead of moving. This ability allows the pillbug to move an adjacent un-stacked piece (whether friendly or enemy) two spaces: up on to the pillbug itself, then down into an empty space adjacent to itself.

List Price: $ 11.99


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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 09, 2015

UCX, the Universal Compute Xchange, is proud to introduce its newly formed Advisory Board. The UCX board will include Sean Castette, William Martin, Satish Nandapurkar, Ron Bodkin, Matt Calman, and Sandy Atwell. The formation of the Advisory Board builds on the recent announcement of the expansion of trade on UCX for their benchmark WAC (Workload Allocation Cube) Financial Contract, which enables trading cloud as a commodity.

“We are thrilled to announce the formation of our Advisory Board. The advisory board will help serve an important role as UCX continues to change the landscape for digital commodities,” says Adam Zeck, CEO and Founder of UCX. “These distinguished individuals have all proven to be experts in their respective fields and have helped to shape the financial services and technology industries. Individually, the talents brought by each advisor are unique and accomplished in their respective fields, and collectively this becomes a world class advisory board.”

UCX has uniquely positioned itself in the market and continues to develop out a whole new asset class of exchange traded products with technology licensed from CME Group.

UCX Advisory Board Members:

Mr. Sean Castette is a successful Entrepreneur who held a variety of roles at GETCO including Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Head of FICC Trading. Mr. Castette merged GETCO with Knight Capital to create KCG. He is a pioneer the electronic trading industry and key player in its rapidly global expansion.

Mr. William Martin is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Raging Capital Management, a private investment partnership focused on public equities. Mr. Martin is a successful entrepreneur who has founded a number of financial information companies, and has invested in and/or advised a number of Internet and institutional financial services companies, including CallStreet, acquired by FactSet; FolderShare, acquired by Microsoft; Majestic Research, acquired by Investment Technology Group; Gerson Lehrman Group; and Lux Research. Mr. Martin has also served on several public company boards including Vitesse Semiconductor, which was acquired by Microsemi in 2015;, which was acquired by Kenexa in 2010; and Bankrate, which was acquired by Apax Partners in 2009.

Mr. Satish Nandapurkar is Co-Founder and Principal at Silveus Financial, and Chief Risk Officer at Typhon Capital. Mr. Nandapurkar has held previous roles such as CEO of the Deutsche Boerse, Head of Products and Services at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Head of FX Options at Bank of America.

Mr. Ron Bodkin is the Founder of Think Big, an organization helping companies realize measurable value from Big Data. Previously Mr. Bodkin was VP Engineering at Quantcast and led the data science and engineer teams that pioneered that use of Hadoop and NoSQL for batch and real-time decision making. Mr. Bodkin was also Co-Founder and CTO of B2B applications provider C-Bridge, which achieved a successful IPO.

Mr. Matt Calman is an innovation consultant for the banking and insurance industries. A 27 year veteran at Bank of America, he led merger transition work in capital markets as well as card, check, and cash payment systems. As Enterprise R&D Executive, he built an innovation lab team that delivered more than 500 concepts, simulations, prototypes, and customer tests and in 2009, designed and launched the first banking Product Innovation Lab in Beijing with China Construction Bank. He has led research programs at the MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University’s HCI Institute and is named inventor on 49 issued U.S. patents and more than 250 applications.

Ms. Sandy Atwell leads Calgary Scientific’s business development efforts with a focus on cloud and collaboration. A veteran of the financial services and tech industries, Ms. Atwell has served on various Boards and in Executive roles including Novell, has founded numerous for profit organizations, and is currently the Founder and CEO of a successful non-profit.

UCX has been named as an AlwaysOn Top 50 Emerging Company for Financial Technology. To learn more about UCX and the executive team visit:

About UCX

UCX, Universal Compute Xchange, is defining a new asset class of exchange traded products that are available for trading on an electronic platform using technology licensed from CME Group that address the needs and risks of the digital generation. UCX is recognized as an AlwaysOn “Top 50 Emerging Company” for FinTech and is the leading global exchange for trading infrastructure as a service, IaaS, “The Cloud”. UCX has licensed the patented Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) metric for measuring IT infrastructure usage, to create the benchmark WAC financial contract. UCX enables buyers and sellers to engage in price discovery and trade standardized WAC financial contracts to reduce their financial IT Infrastructure risk exposure while increasing operational agility and market efficiency, from a transparent, centralized marketplace. UCX is where the world comes to trade.

For more information visit and follow us on twitter @ucxchange

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AUSTIN, TX (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

Click Security, a leader in cyber threat investigation software, today announced Mark Graff has joined its Technical Advisory Board.

Graff is a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer, having served in that capacity at both NASDAQ and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Additionally, he founded and chaired the World Federation of Exchanges – the first international organization of executives responsible for the cyber safety of the world’s stock exchanges. He was named Internet Security Executive of the Year for the Northeast United States in 2014. Graff has lectured on cyber security and privacy before the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, the FCC, the Pentagon, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and many other U.S. national security facilities.

“We are very excited to have Mark involved with Click Security,” said Michael Crosno, CEO of Click Security. “His knowledge, experience, and keen market insights will further our mission of helping organizations deal with the challenging work of closing the gap between threat detection and incident response.”

“I find the solution approach Click Security is advocating to be very interesting – even unique – across the landscape of cyber security startups,” said Mark Graff, Founder and CEO of Tellagraff, LLC. “When you consider the number of zero-day vulnerabilities, the total number of breaches, and the staggering number of identities exposed in 2014 alone, it’s clear we need to step back and rethink the balance of spending across threat detection, investigation, and response. Click Security’s focus on making it easier for a larger number of IT practitioners to find, analyze and resolve cyber threat activity – where many organizations today struggle – is an area where disruption and innovation can actually move the needle.”

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Saama Wraps Up 2014 With Addition of Stan Meresman to Board of Directors
“As Saama advances our market leadership through innovative analytics that solve complex business challenges, Stan's proven contributions as a board member will be a valuable asset,” said Suresh Katta, Saama CEO. “Stan's ability to transform companies …
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Cox Takes Big Data, Analytics to Hart
WiFi and the growth of the mobile ecosystem; complexities in the commercial-services arena; and using big data and analytics to predict and solve problems before they reach customers are just some of the information-technology issues facing operators …
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Using Analytics to Improve the Revenue Cycle Management
In an interview with, David Willie, the CFO of the Yuma Regional Medical Center and Tim Miller, the vice president of Business Development at MethodCare, spoke about the challenges of the industry, how predictive analytics is …

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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

This month, ODS attended the MISB conference with a high-level goal to better understand the specifics of the current standards, as well as gauge their trajectory and how ODS might participate moving forward. MISB, or the Motion Imagery Standards Board of the NGA, is responsible for reviewing and recommending standards for motion imagery for use within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and United States Imagery and Geospatial System (DoD/IC/USIGS). The conference was a great mix of participants and the presentations were very engaging. ODS was able to discuss details with specific individuals and engage in meaningful conversations around aspects of the digital media space, both with private company representatives as well as currently engaged government contractors. These discussions were very useful in helping to understand the current state of various standards, as well as in mapping some of the challenges ODS is interested in solving against their ReactNOW NoCDN Framework.

Orions Digital Systems, Inc. (ODS) has experience in the commercial world in dealing with large scale video solutions for global broadcasting, crowdsourced human intelligence and distributed computing. ODS is currently coming out of stealth mode with a focus on information gathering and early key customer development. One aspect of this stage of the ODS business is increasing ODS involvement in government forums in order to help select and focus on the best areas of entry for its products and vision. As there are many standards being used by the government today, it is important to understand these, as well as share with others ODS perspective on specific challenges with which it has novel and industry-proven experience.

— Defining a new space NoCDN –

As original architects of many of the core tools and digital media standards that have dominated the last 20 years, it is only natural that ODS is currently the only company defining the new space of digital sensor intelligence technology and NoCDN solutions. While video is typically the most important factor, other sensor types are equally important in generating a unified and accurate picture for forensics and analysis. As the first to build a digital media platform from the ground up and having geared its current solution towards the intelligence community challenges of big data and large sensor arrays, Orions Digital Systems is positioned to take a groundbreaking step in a new direction for the intelligence technology niche. ODS is tremendously excited about the initial preview response it has received from early demos and customer research discussions within this sector.

Other systems utilize digital video tools that were made for the entertainment sector and that, due to their nature, end up adding to the complexities of handling large data sets. Moreover, the management of video has become a commodity, and it has created complacency in how digital media is thought about. Architects and big companies look at this data as a set of images in a big disk array, yet there is no way to apply scientific principles against these data sets to invent and be creative around what might be possible without millions of dollars and a multi-year timeframe between hypothesis and conclusion, says Nils B. Lahr, Orions Digital Systems founder. While the last decade was all about the software development industrys ability to reduce this cycle to months or weeks, Lahr and the team at ODS feel it is now time to bring the same tools, development principles and platform standardizations to the intelligence communitys theater.

— Emerging from Stealth Mode —

Orions Digital Systems has been in full stealth mode until very recently, and is now discussing some of the details of its inventions with key government agencies. It has taken slightly over three years of work by a core team of senior developers to get this far. ODS started with a blank slate that assumed nothing about todays digital media tools. Rather than fall into the same tradeoffs that were made for Entertainment, efforts were taken by the team to develop a media platform that would scale to super computer sizes, rather than a media framework that would simply be another tool built from other tools. The ODS system is as much a new computing paradigm as it is a novel way of handling large data sets from all types of available sensors.

Current solutions have been road blocked both by an inability to scale to todays data demands as well as by the complexity and paradox inherent in creating a balance between stability and new feature requirements. The difference in ODS solution has already become evident to a number of industry thought leaders. This will revolutionize how we store, index and utilize our data. It will also change the way our analysts operate, says one of the top National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency executives.

— About Orions Digital Systems, Inc. –

Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, Orions Digital Systems (ODS) is the leader in providing solutions to enable big data analytics around digital video and alternative sensor types. Solutions from the founder of ODS in the Entertainment space are already used within almost all government agencies, such as the US Department of Defense, National Intelligence agencies, US Air Force, US Army and others. ODS is working closely and in stealth mode with only a select few to finalize development of a new approach that will enable next generation advanced big data analytics and real-time intelligence solutions. ODS is the leader in the NoCDN movement, which targets the scaling and creation of new solutions within the intelligence and analytics big data market where video is the primary driver. (

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