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Most popular MapReduce eBay auctions:

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Some recent MapReduce auctions on eBay:

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Moving Hadoop beyond batch processing and MapReduce
Data is the new currency of the modern world. Businesses that successfully maximize its value will have a decisive impact on their own value and on their customers' success. As the de-facto platform for big data, Apache Hadoop allows businesses to …
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Big Data Analytics: Using Hunk with Hadoop and Elastic MapReduce
Hadoop consists of two components, the first being a storage component called HDFS. HDFS can be distributed across tens thousands of replicated nodes. The second component MapReduce, which tracks and manages the map-reduce jobs it is named for.

Splunk, AWS Team to Offer Analytics for Elastic MapReduce
But starting Oct. 28, Splunk will make available its Hunk product directly from the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) console and price it on an hourly basis, just like any other cloud service. Hunk is Splunk's analytics package that runs atop …
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