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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

Pyramid Analytics, the leader in Governed Data Discovery for Business Intelligence Analytics today announced expanded business user modeling capabilities including the addition of new cloud, big data and enterprise data source connectors. The Pyramid Analytics BI Office 5.3 release also provides enhanced mobile functionality including improved cross mobile platform support, webpage rendition and reduced bandwidth usage.

Access to multiple relevant sources of data is crucial to any organization as the data required for business user analysis and modeling resides in a multitude of disparate locations. In addition to an already rich set of cloud and big data sources such as Azure Hive and Hadoop, BI Office data mash-up capability now also offers data connectors for Amazon Redshift and EMC Greenplum among others. These additional data sources are accessed and brought together in the same governed framework that current customers enjoy; providing extensive modeling capabilities and valuable customer insights across the organization.

Data visualization in an easy to understand smart chart or dashboard improves business user comprehension, collaboration and decision making. The enhanced visualization stack in BI Office ensures that data is represented in a consistent and impactful way across any device as users today are increasingly on the go and use multiple screens throughout the day. BI Office 5.3 provides greater consistency by improving mobile and HTML5 renderings while still taking advantage of shared business logic within an organization.

“BI Office was designed and built as a Business Intelligence Analytics product that meets the expanding business needs, while also providing the control and management, required by IT organizations,” said Omri Kohl, CEO of Pyramid Analytics. “The additional cloud and big data source as well as enhanced mobile support provided in Office BI 5.3 further reflect our commitment to enabling business users while continuing to provide appropriate governance capabilities.”

BI Office 5.3 brings additional enterprise class functionality to the award winning Business Intelligence platform including management, reporting, security and deployment enhancements. It is now easier than ever to manage and control business intelligence installations while providing greater support and consistency across an organization. For more information on Office BI 5.3 visit our BI Office Business Intelligence Overview Page.

Availability: Pyramid Analytics Office BI 5.3 is available for purchase and update today.

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics BI Office Analytics Platform combines quick and scalable deployment and ease of use that customers have come to expect from the best of the new generation of data exploration tools and delivers it within an enterprise class data governance framework. The platform, available in both in-company cloud and public cloud versions, enables rapid integration of new data sources, cross enterprise sharing of business logic and users of all levels, from analysts to front line managers, to interact through a simple, intuitive and familiar interface to make better, smarter decisions. To learn more, visit

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AUSTIN, TX (PRWEB) October 11, 2012

OnRamp Access, a data center operations company headquartered in Austin, Texas, improves the reliability of its colocation customers operations with ReadyServers on-demand solutions that reduce the difficulty of employing replacement infrastructure in an emergency. Bridging the gap between traditional colocation and the cloud, ReadyServers provide OnRamp colocation customers with a pre-provisioned, virtualized environment that can be quickly and directly incorporated into a customer’s infrastructure in the event of a hardware node failure within a customer’s environment or to address an immediate need to scale online operations. For clients colocating their own equipment in OnRamps state-of-the-art data center, the ability to quickly recover from equipment failure or scale operations to meet unexpected needs is crucial to maintaining high levels of availability for their data.

OnRamp offers a suite of ReadyServer solutions to ensure colocation customers have on-demand access to OnRamps pre-provisioned pool of hardware that has been pre-loaded with hypervisors and is standing by, ready to incorporate into a colocation customers equipment at a moments notice, stated OnRamps Founder Chad Kissinger. OnRamp’s ReadyServer solutions solve the challenge of needing to quickly obtain and provision a new or spare server on-demand without the time or resources to act in an emergency situation and is one of the many reasons we believe colocation customers are more likely to be successful working with OnRamp.

OnRamp colocation customers can take advantage of a full suite of ReadyServer solutions, including: ReadyNodes, ReadyConnect and ReadySAN. ReadyNodes, are a pool of virtualized computer servers that are installed, powered on and standing by to be incorporated into a customers colocation space through the addition of a dedicated connection, or ReadyConnect. ReadyConnect is a pre-provisioned connection between the pool of ReadyNodes and a specific customers colocation space. This enables customers to integrate a new ReadyNode into the infrastructure in very little time, and without having to form a new connection. And, to support a companys business continuity or disaster recovery plan, OnRamps ReadySAN solution provides a timely alternative to the tedious process of restoring from tape by allowing a customer to take a snapshot of their existing servers and store them on OnRamp Managed Storage, making them available to the ReadyServer pool on short notice. Each of the ReadyServer solutions was specifically designed to support OnRamps colocation customers by both limiting downtime in the event of a clients own equipment failure and by removing the barriers to rapid growth.

In addition to the capabilities afforded by OnRamps ReadyServer solutions, colocation customers benefit from the data center companys value-added managed hosting, managed services and Full7Layer Support from onsite engineers, which are available 24/7/365.

About OnRamp

OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, Texas. As one of Texas first Internet operations companies, OnRamps history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers the highest levels of security, redundancy, reliability and technical expertise for colocation, managed hosting, cloud and disaster recovery backed by Full7Layer Support.

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