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Some recent distributed computing auctions on eBay:

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– 7. Introducing Apache Hadoop: The Modern Data Operating System (November 16, 2011)
from Computer Systems Colloquium (Fall 2011)
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by OSSCube

Article by Kate

The father of Hadoop participate in Chinese 2011 for cloud computing conference – Careers

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The institute of computing technology, the Chinese academy of sciences sponsored Hadoop China 2011 cloud computation conference (Hadoop in China 2011, HiC2011) will be on December 2, to 3, in Beijing convention center, this will be Hadoop in China community an annual technology event! Conference will be united international and domestic Hadoop and cloud Computing technology application success enterprise, and introduce the international research field for cloud Computing and DISC (Data Intensive Super Computing) research direction of academic point of view. Through the technical application and scientific research double cloud computing technology perspective and Hadoop open source ecological system present situation and development trend.

Doug Cutting, Apache software foundation Hadoop, chairman of the father of the”

The father of Hadoop first visit to participate in exchange

Congress special invited Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, the father of the open source software, Apache software foundation chairman and ApacheHadoop project director Mr. DougCutting; Condor founder University of Wisconsin–Madison’s MironLivny professor; GOOGLE, facebook, and many other experts site speech communication, some experts to is for the first time in China for communication.

In recent years, more and more domestic and foreign Internet companies and traditional enterprises have realized data bring the potential value of the asset scale. To Hadoop, as a representative of the mass data Processing (BigData Processing) technology becomes mature makes “business is king” to “data is king” to change. Such as clean out treasure of the company’s “data cube” application, which based on the analysis of the transaction data and mining, provide dynamic hot line industry and market development trend of depth data services. Mass data processing technology development often beyond imagination. Take the user has 600 million of Facebook, for example, mass data processing more toward the real-time, on the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) from the original delay of 24 to 48 hours evolution to less than 10 seconds to meet online and real time data analysis needs. Can see “if performance not meet demand is the function is lost” such a system design guiding ideology. In addition, the scale of the data without appropriate “digging treasure tool” is unable to reflect its value. Information retrieval, content mining, natural language processing, data visualization, calculation of advertising, geographic information system, etc all use Hadoop technology research and development from the data to value of all kinds of tools, and played the “mass data digging treasure” role.

The prosperity of Hadoop community to see. More and more companies at home and abroad to participate in community development Hadoop, or directly to the use of open source software online. This greatly promote the Hadoop technology in domestic promoted development, expanded the mass data processing of should use range. We are delighted to see images of passion flesh research Hadoop, this year’s VLDB appearing several articles and MapReduce/Hadoop related papers. This shows Hadoop and many can improve the place can be improved. On the other hand, some business software also be in to Hadoop technology draws close, compatible Hadoop software stack. At the same time, there was a group of both at home and abroad to provide technical advice and service Hadoop, Hadoop mass data processing technology of commercial value gradually get the attention of the industry.

Mass data digging treasure

Hadoopin China assembly has four th, this year’s conference theme is “mass data digging treasure”. Hope to “is the most meticulous detail, the research and development direct exchange interaction” make the congress to “understand the actual demand, listen to master, promote the application practice, point to carry forward the spirit of open source” purposes. The more hope that through HiC2011 congress with more grassroots Hadoop hero!!!!!

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Bill Cook (EMC2 Greenplum)
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Information is exploding and analytic opportunities are more complex than ever. Because of new sources of massive, fast moving, and diverse data, we need new technology, like analytic platforms that are built for big data analytics. Watch and comment.
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Amir Halfon, Senior Director of Technology for Oracle Financial Services, discusses why getting a grip on big data in capital markets is essential to preventing future financial crises. To learn more about Oracle’s solutions for big data, visit:
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San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2012

Infineta Systems, the first and only provider of WAN optimization systems for Big Traffic workflows, today announced that its Infineta Data Mobility Switch (DMS) was selected as a finalist for Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.coms annual Product of the Year award in the network equipment category. Infineta is one of six finalists to be selected by a panel of judges out of hundreds of entries.

Infineta Systems is the first networking company to develop and market commercial WAN optimization systems that accelerate inter-data center WANs running at up to 10Gbps wire speeds. Powered by its Velocity Dedupe Engine, the Infineta DMS delivers unrivaled levels of throughput and scalability. The DMS serves as a critical building block for enterprises grappling with Big Traffic workflows such as high speed replication and remote backup, and cross-site storage and server virtualization, and Big Data.

With enterprise data sets reaching aggregate volumes in the 100s of terabytes to petabytes, and storage needs doubling every year, there is a dire need for scalable WAN optimization solutions to accelerate the large volumes of data being transferred between data centers.

Unlike other WAN optimization solutions, Infinetas DMS can reduce traffic footprints at multi-Gigabit speeds while incurring only microseconds of processing latency. The DMS is the only WAN optimization solution capable of supporting the next generation of advanced data center architectures. With the DMS, for example, customers can easily turn a 1Gbps WAN into a virtual 5Gbps link, leading to increased network throughput and guaranteed bandwidth availability. Not only is the DMS able to significantly improve the performance for all Big Traffic workflows traversing enterprise WAN networks, it is also a financially sound investment, with a typical return on investment in a sub-year timeframe.

We are very proud and honored that Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.coms panel of judges have recognized Infinetas flagship product, the DMS, and its capabilities, stated Haseeb Budhani, Vice President of Products at Infineta Systems. This recognition underscores the leadership approach Infineta has taken in understanding how enterprise IT strategies around data protection, virtualization and Big Data are leading to Big Traffic issues on the WAN, and how next-generation WAN optimization solutions can address these Big Traffic challenges.

About Infineta Systems

Based in San Jose, California, Infineta Systems is a privately-held, leading provider of WAN optimization systems for Big Traffic. The companys patent-pending Velocity Dedupe Engine delivers unprecedented levels of throughput, scalability and bandwidth capacity to support critical machine-scale workflows across the data center interconnect. Its flagship product, the Infineta Data Mobility Switch, accelerates multi-gigabit BCDR (business continuity/disaster recovery), cross-site virtualization, and Big Data traffic. The company is backed by Rembrandt Venture Partners, Alloy Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners. For more information, visit

Infineta, Infineta Systems, Data Mobility Switch, and Velocity Dedupe Engine are trademarks or registered trademarks of Infineta Systems, Inc., in the U.S. All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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Manassas, VA (PRWEB) December 01, 2011, a subsidiary of Crucial Point LLC focused on open concept development for CTOs, is pleased to announce the five top winners and Judges Choice of the 2011 Government Big Data Solutions Award. The Government Big Data Solutions Award Program was established to highlight innovative solutions and facilitate the exchange of best practices, lessons learned and creative ideas for utilizing Apache Hadoop to solve Big Data challenges. The winners were announced at Hadoop World in New York City on November 8 and a presentation outlining the award is available online at

The top five honorees of the Government Big Data Solutions Award are:

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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

Extraprise, the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, reported more than 50% growth in customer interactions in 2011 from multi-channel marketing campaigns executed by its i2i database marketing and demand generation services for some of the worlds largest brands. The customer interactions are in the tens of millions, representing engagement in online and offline marketing channels, for B2B and B2C enterprises across every country and continent worldwide. Several major vertical markets are represented including high technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals, business services, publishing, and travel. Extraprise will be offering its i2i Marketing Services, focused on marketing strategy, customer intelligence, lead generation, lead nurturing and qualification, and marketing operations, at NCDM 2011 in Booth 211.

The explosion of Big Data across online and offline channels is driving marketers toward greater levels of complexity, said Mike Shanker, CEO and co-founder at Extraprise. Marketers are increasingly seeking to harness Big Data issues through customer intelligence that applies smarter segmentation to their multi-channel marketing campaigns at every stage of the customer life cycle.

Indeed, the explosion of data and customer interactions is making it a marketing mandate to use right time revenue optimization to drive revenue performance. According to a recent Gartner report, enterprise data are expected to grow at 650% in the next five years, with 80% of that data being unstructured and driven by customer conversations in call center notes, social media posts, CRM systems, and email. Consumer conversations are likewise exploding with Pricewaterhouse-Coopers estimating more than 100 million English language blogs and over 20 million discussion forums. The same Pricewaterhouse-Coopers study cites that the top five challenges to using consumer conversations involve the lack of people, processes, and technologies to make customer intelligence actionable. Extraprises i2i Marketing Services are designed to apply customer intelligence to multi-channel marketing campaigns with the right offer, at the right time, to optimize revenue.

For Extraprise clients, the Big Data explosion has fueled an increase in the number of inbound and outbound campaigns, in some instances, by more than 30%. In one series of campaigns, applying customer intelligence and smarter segmentation with more sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns produced a conversion rate of 35%. The elevated levels of increased response, driven by more segmented campaigns, demonstrates the velocity in which Big Data drives revenue performance.

Extraprise is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, creating customer intelligence and using it to drive multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time and in the right places throughout the customer life cycle. Offering an expansive list of its i2i marketing services spanning data management, customer intelligence, marketing strategy, lead generation, lead nurturing and qualification and marketing operations, Extraprise services are scalable and seamlessly compatible with marketing automation and CRM solutions. Clients of all levels of marketing maturity have the flexibility to start and grow with the services they need.

About Extraprise Group Inc.

Extraprise is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, offering the only demand generation services that combine customer intelligence with multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time in the customer life cycle. Spanning a comprehensive set of services from lead generation to nurturing to closed sale, and upsell and cross-sell, Extraprises i2i demand generation services are suitable for clients at all levels of marketing maturity. Delivered through its Guaranteed Success Program as a hosted or on premise service, Extraprise continually meets the evolving marketing needs of its customers by driving tens of millions of customer interactions resulting in hundreds of thousands of buying opportunities from every country and continent. For more information, visit or call +1(888)i2iMKTG or email info(at)extraprise(dot)com.


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