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20 Responses to “Scarce Challenges YOU! #37 BO2 Trickshot Killcams! (BIG PRIZES) – Red Scarce”

  1. Scarce Says:

    Leave a Like for another challenges you! The responses were incredible for
    this one

  2. Synergy Stance Says:

    3rd should of been first

  3. Nate Litchfield Says:

    WTF 3rd should of been first fuck that!

  4. Skizz | @skizsz Says:

    number 2 was so simple wtf

  5. Tridac Says:

    #2 wasn’t good scarce ;(
    Pls no help us bb

  6. Colt Flxme Says:

    LOOOL scarce called me flexoom xD, its flame bro LOOOL but thanks for
    picking me <3 

  7. Pawtie Says:

    Number 2 was retarded. 

  8. Laced Is Bez Says:

    Did this nigga really just say fluxoom?

  9. MrBololicious | 1.2k Says:

    Wow, my shots were better than number two. Wow scarce 

  10. Ezpy Says:

    the whole video was people spamming buttons and just snipping on the ground
    for half of it instead of in air

  11. $ketchy ☯ Says:

    where hightosis , hezzitations at ? they did way better shots then these

  12. OK Neon Says:

    Instructions not clear enough I got my dick stuck in a toaster.

  13. Stupiding Says:

    Fuck I suck dick at that one Turbine spot. I wish I saw this carrier
    challenge ‘about a week ago’ because I love that spot. Damn, good job to
    everyone who won.

  14. Aquila Mats - PS3 Captain Says:

    jzzz my son

  15. LegendaryGamer Says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that Scarce sounds like kermit the frog

  16. Scarce Says:
  17. Frigidous Says:

    Wasn’t number 2 just a infinite fade with the shotgun

  18. shivzyness Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Flame … scarce please were you not present in 2012?

  19. PoissedTuber Says:

    Yes i just hit the sickest turbine shot ever!

  20. Hype Says:

    3rd was better than second

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