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Whether it’s major business deals, making their parents proud or moving to a new city, these peeps have had a challenging but awesome year. See what Michelle Phan, AnneorShine, Blogilates,…

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25 Responses to “RAGE QUIT FAIL?! – Minecraft Skywars Challenges #5”

  1. maaiike09 Says:

    Challenge ; Je mag niemand slaan met een zwaard
    de rest allemaal wel 

  2. TheDutchTerms Says:
  3. Ynez Games Says:

    Vincent ga naar je Buuren van je ijland en ga hem dan sniekie volgen

    Like dit zodat Vincent dit ziet

  4. Donna Kooy Says:

    je mag geen chestplate en leggings gebruiken! 

  5. Ferry Vijg Says:

    Win een game met aleen een stenen zwaard een een normale booge 10 pijlen en
    10 sneeuwbalen

  6. Syprus Says:

    Hij had je gevonden omdat hij je naam zag omdat je niet aan het crouchen
    was ( denk ik )

  7. Unbeatable Clash Says:

    Sorry man ik had xray xD

  8. Xander Bos Says:

    Vincent je mag geen zwaart gebruiken?!

  9. kris zwiers Says:

    Ga met een toren omhoog bouwen en maak een huisje op de toren en doe lava
    aan de zijkanten.

  10. Sam de Jong Says:

    Hij ging door alle bloken heen kijken met x ray

  11. Sven Jutten Says:

    Je mag aleen een pickaxe gebruiken

  12. Batuhan Bozkurt Says:

    Winnen met helemaal geen zwaard Ps:Axe mag wel

  13. giovanni dekeyzer Says:

    Pak dj kit en win

  14. Kyan Zijp Says:

    je mag alleen met eieren vechten geen armor geen appels dus alleen eieren
    like zodat hij het ziet

  15. ThePowerMod Says:

    Challenge: blijf in je glazen hogie zitten!

  16. devnnb Says:

    Loved this video! I think my biggest challenge was adjusting to being in a
    military and long distance relationship. My proudest moment was learning
    how to trust my significant other. 

  17. TheUniqueGemini Says:

    *Biggest Challenge for me:* Working two jobs without any social life
    *Proudest Moments:* As a single mom, I’m able to pay all my bills by myself
    without help. 

  18. Melanie Murphy Says:

    Delighted to be included in a video with so many wonderful people! 🙂 Loved
    it, very inspiring x

  19. Gitte Beauty Says:

    Great video 😀 Biggest challenge for me: Dealing with stress and hardly any
    sleep (feels like that). Proudest moments for me: Going out of my comfort
    zone in my Halloween videos, and posting my first 2 fashion videos and
    cooking videos :D

  20. Gurp Dhaliwal Says:

    Thank you for sharing! Great video, it’s always important to reflect! Now
    that 2015 is underway I’m focused and determined to grow professional and
    personally! I even started my own channel on YouTube! Thank you FAWN and
    Mish for always inspiring me! <3 My proudest moment was graduating from
    University and balancing my business while finishing papers and prepping
    for presentations haha (student life gotta love it)! My biggest challenge
    was staying positive and telling myself everything will work out It can be
    difficult when theres 20 things happening at once. Having positive people
    around me has really helped me. If anyone else is in this position, just
    tell yourself you will get through it and live in the 'now'. Breathe, be
    happy, and have fun <3

  21. Michelle Phan Says:

    2014 was an amazing year! In this latest video from +FAWN, we took a moment
    to reflect on the year’s proudest moments. (⺣◡⺣)♡*

  22. Hoai Minh HM Says:

    My biggest challenge was trying to change my attitude towards everything,
    be it failed relationships or obstacles in school. I also learnt to accept
    things the way they were, not the way I expected them to be, which was kind
    of a big deal for me considering the fact that I am such a control freak.
    Thank you for FAWN’s videos. I love the lifestyles you are trying to
    introduce in your channel. :)

  23. Awkward Artist Says:

    I think my proudest moment in 2014 was when I was visiting my old high
    school to help out my speech and debate coach, and I was overtaken by hugs
    and people who kept on going, “OH MY GOSH, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!”
    What I particularly remember about that day was this girl who looked like
    she was about to cry when she saw me, and she kept on showing me her
    artwork. I kept on telling her that everything looked beautiful and she,
    again, looked like she was going to cry. She then told me that she’s looked
    up to me since her freshman year of high school, and to finally show me her
    art was something that she’s been wanting to do for so long. She also kept
    on telling the teacher, “Mr. *_*!! Van Nguyen is looking at my art!” and at
    that moment, I felt like a celebrity and I felt important–something that
    doesn’t happen often.

  24. Amalia E Says:

    The first girl looks like iggy azalea

  25. Ashley Raymond belair Says:

    ay jeffery , hes done so much this year, im so proud of him :)

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