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Watson is designed to further the science of natural language processing through advances in question and answer technology. This “first of its kind” workloa…
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8 Responses to “Putting IBM Watson & POWER7 to Work in Your Business”

  1. Antonio Souza Says:

    Watson how SO in my home.

  2. tipoomaster Says:

    Exactly, no clock speed, no core count, no details of what was customized
    and presumably removed, etc.

  3. Deft Says:

    can it play crysis?

  4. tipoomaster Says:

    I want to know more about that. The Wii U has a max power draw of 75 watts,
    the Power7 CPUs ALONE can draw 200, so it must be a very customized, cut
    down version.

  5. gundamzerostrike Says:

    It’s on the Wii U. LOL.

  6. 4xThexwin Says:

    In ten years this will be on cellphones 😀

  7. gundamzerostrike Says:

    All I know is that IBM wrote 2 messages on Twitter about it: 1. #WiiU uses
    same #power7 chips.; 2. The Wii U is a custom 45nm #power7 chip. Same SOI
    design in #ibmwatson.

  8. Antonio Souza Says:

    Eu quero um Watson para chamar de meu.
    O Watson poderia muito bem ser o Sistema Operacional do futuro que estaria
    em nossas casas.
    Estamos na idade da pedra usando esses sistemas burros nos dias atuais.


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