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Hadoop applications are software frameworks that enable distributed manipulation of large amount of data. Using this framework for data distribution is a reliable, efficient and scalable way. Hadoop system is reliable proves from the fact that it maintains several copies of working data to ensure that processing can be redistributed around failed nodes and work can be performed without any difficulty. As far as efficiency of the system is concerned, it works on the principle of parallelization that allows data to process in parallel to increase the processing speed. Furthermore, it is confirmed that Hadoop applications are scalable. Due to this reason it permits operations on petabytes of data. Now you must be thinking that this system is offering so many benefits, it would be costly. But you would be surprised to know that this application is inexpensive and is available for use by anyone.

If you want to understand the system and it functions more closely, it is important that you understand the Hadoop architecture. In simple language, it is a framework which works in combination with several elements. To start with, the first element is the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS). As the name suggest it is a file system, so its function is the storage of various files across storage nodes in a Hadoop cluster. This file system lies at the bottom, above which Map reduce engine resides. Now in the Map reduce engine there are two main components – Job Trackers and Task Trackers. For the external client, HDFS appears to be a traditional hierarchical file system, which comprises of Meta data (also called NameNode) and several data nodes. Here files can be created, deleted, moved, renamed and so on.

In the Hadoop architecture, files are stored in HDFS which are divided into blocks and these blocks are replicated to multiple data nodes (computers). In comparison to the traditional RAID architectures, there is a huge difference in HDFS. Here all the operations are controlled by the NameNode. The protocol used for all the communications within HDFS is TCP/IP protocol. If you are interested in knowing about the major use of Hadoop applications then you must be thrilled to know that this technology is used primarily for web search. One of the most interesting aspects of this application is the Map and Reduce process, which is inspired by Google’s development. Using this system, the user can easily identify the data from the defined search parameters.

On the whole, it seems to be a very useful application which is meant for everyone.

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