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Hadoop is nothing but a source of software framework that is generally used in the processing immense and bulk data simultaneously across many servers. In the recent years, it has turned out to be one of most viable option for enterprises, which has the never-ending requirement to save and manage all the data. Web based businesses such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo have used high-end Hadoop applications to manage their large data sets. It is believed that Hadoop is still relevant to both small organizations as well as big time businesses.

Hadoop is able to process a huge chunk of data in a lesser time which enabled the companies to analyze that this was not possible before within that stipulated time. Another important advantage of the Hadoop applications is the cost effectiveness, which cannot be availed in any other technologies. One can avoid the high cost involved in the software licenses and the fees that has to be upgraded periodically when using anything apart from Hadoop. It is highly recommended for businesses, which have to work with huge amount of data, to go for Hadoop applications as it helps in fixing any issues.

Actually, Hadoop applications are made up of two parts; one is the HDFS, which means the Hadoop Distributed File System while the other is the Hadoop mapreduce that helps in the processing of data and scheduling of job depending upon the priority, which is a technique that initially originated in Google search engine. Along with these two primary components, there are nine other parts, which are decided as per the distribution one uses along with other complementary tools. There are three most common functions of Hadoop applications. The first function is the storage and analysis of all the data, which does not require the loading of the relational database management system. Secondly, it is used in the conversion of huge repository of semi-structured and unstructured data, for example a log file in the form of a structured data. Such complicated data are hard to understand in SQL tools like analyzing the graph and data mining.

Hadoop applications are mostly used in the web-related businesses wherein one has to work with big log files and data from the social network sites. When it comes to media or the advertising world, enterprises use Hadoop, which enables the best performance of ad offer analysis and help understand online reviews. Before using any Hadoop tool, it is advisable to read through the Hadoop map tutorials available online.

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