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New distrubuted computing mobile app lets phone conduct research while it
The Folding@home mobile app, available today in the Google Play store, is an extension of the Folding@home distributed computing project launched by Vijay Pande, a professor of chemistry at Stanford, in collaboration with Sony in 2007. The new mobile …
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Analytics Trends 2015: Q and A with Deloitte's John Lucker
Cognitive analytics also incorporates artificial intelligence, statistics and decision science, distributed and cloud computing, database technology, analytics and BI, visualization, structured and unstructured data across various collection channels …
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Kill All Pixels: Preparing for HEVC, the next great video codec
There's no reversing this trend; video is going to become more popular, and it will consume more bandwidth. But advanced video compression software, called codecs, can help reduce how much bandwidth video hogs. This year, the H.265 (or HEVC) …
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