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A Match Made Somewhere: Big Data and the Internet of Things
Admittedly, I think we're much further along with big data than we are with the Internet of Things, especially since, as Forbes contributor Gil Press noted wryly earlier this year, the Internet of Things has surpassed big data on the Gartner hype curve …
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Big data survey reveals why IT is — or isn't — on board
Up 9% from last year, the number of businesses investing in big data continues to rise. Companies don't want to be left behind and miss opportunities their competitors are taking advantage of, so they invest in technologies to support big data, said …
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Big Data, Big Opportunity: Finding Sustainability within the Numbers
There is no perfect science to investing in real estate. Whether pursuing a particular niche strategy for your portfolio or purchasing based on anticipated market fluctuations, the end goal is usually to increase the overall value. And while many …
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