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Microsoft sets up machine learning demo site that guesses your age
Machine learning is a type of data analysis that allows computers to draw inferences from large sets of data, by building predictive models through repeated sampling of data. Because machine learning typically requires a large amount of computing power …
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Beyond 3 Other Cloud Computing Stocks to Watch
The ever-evolving technology sector has been seeing a number of new trends over the past couple of years. Of these, the notable ones include cloud computing, Big Data, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet of Things, flash storage, social networking …

Has the data scientist always been around?
The most talked about role in IT is the data scientist and at Computing we've asked what skills it takes to be the perfect data scientist, what the role actually entails, whether the lure of big money could attract the wrong type of candidates for the …
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Vivek Ranadive: A big-idea man
On how the world has changed: What's amazing about that story is, back then (during the moon landing) the entire NASA program had less computing capacity than all of us have in our pockets today. It still blows my mind … there's … On using big data …
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