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Intro to MapReduce concepts. Explores the flow of a MapReduce program.

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  1. Ethan Tremblay Says:

    Just when there was absolutely no reason to keep Java alive and kick into
    legacy software oblivion, together with C++, some asshole codes the most
    used and effective Big Data framework… in Java. 

  2. Shreyas Narayan Says:

    Thanks for the video. I’m new to this. Just curious. In the example
    scenario, how is the data recovered if the values from all the MAP tasks
    are summed up, say against the word “and”?

  3. Li Xue Says:
  4. obesechicken13 Says:

    I got really confused really fast. More visuals and less text please.

  5. Parikshit Hegde Says:

    That music distracts me :(

  6. reshma ramesh Says:

    short and simple
    great !

  7. sky44avatar Says:

    short and sweet! This is a compact video very well explained

  8. Donald Oji Says:

    very nice!

  9. Jhony Rivero Says:

    Excelent explanation.

  10. superlopuh Says:

    Is this spoken by a human? Is it just massively re-cut?

  11. Nishant Kalyankar Says:

    Nice and short explanation…

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