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by Lamsus Crusoe

Question by Anonymous: I have to take a course on Computer Science at another college before the fall but which course do I take?
Just to begin. I know absolutely nothing about programming but the same applied to my cousins who are 2nd/4th year computer science majors. So I’m thinking it’s worth a shot. I have to take a computer science course so I can have basic knowledge before I actually enter college. However, the college I will be attending in the fall is quite far so I have to take a intro comp sci course at a college closer to my home. Now I’m confused on which course to take.

The first one is called “Internet Computing w/ Distributed Computing”
Here’s the course description. “Fundamental concepts of Internet computing and component – based software engineering. Web application architecture. HTTP protocol. Presentations tier techniques: servlets and JavaServer Pages. Application server technique: Enterprise JavaBeans. Introduction to Web services for J2EE.”

The second one is called Windows System Programming
“This course provides an introductory overview of system programming in the Windows environment, mainly focusing on system-level programming based on OS services and other APIs. Topics include system calls, file I/O, files and directories, memory management, process control, inter-process communication (IPC), and socket-based network programming. Coursework includes programming assignments and a final exam.”

Which one should I take?

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Answer by j s
take the one you like? simple as that, two different ones and you choose what one sounds more intressting to you
i would choose hte first one, internet computing

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