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Distributed Computing Experiment is Seems to be a malware that came along with either a browser plug-in (Firefox perhaps) or with a uTorrent installation. Yo…
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8 Responses to “How to remove Distributed Computing Experiment malware?”

  1. luaudesigndf Says:

    If it is what the name means it’s not a malicious thing, virus or worm, but
    it’s still doing that without your permission so it’s a bad thing. There
    are many way to do distributed computing and hiding malware in people’s
    computers. It could be called that and be doing something else though.

  2. Neiropa Says:

    Good video but you did everything so painfully slow!

  3. Craig Livingstone Says:

    Thanks for this, needed to go to the regedit first but got rid of it using
    this video

  4. Duc Tran Says:

    thank you….!

  5. Peshmerga Says:

    Thanks bud, helped alot!

  6. NiagraYT Says:

    Great Video man! Helped a lot thanks! 🙂 Got a sub!

  7. AlwaysNeverLose Says:

    Thank you so much!! :)

  8. Brea Frederick Says:

    What do you do if it says the program is open elsewhere 

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