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For this week’s Mixed Bunch theme, Heather received Dares and Challenges! What kind of dares and challenges you may ask? Well, here’s a hint: it involves som…

We cover the 6 most dangerous challenges to hit YouTube to date. The fire challenge, the cinnamon challenge, the ice challenge…and more! Please don’t be th…
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37 Responses to “Heather’s cRaZy Dares and Challenges!”

  1. Mary monkle Says:

    Where does she live? Its really pretty!

  2. Jhanvi Hemlani Says:

    Someone please answer. Who is on the Thursday spot for sevenperfectangels

  3. Breanna Thomas Says:

    lol i would injoy swimming in somthing like that

  4. A MixOfUs Says:

    How old is Heather ???

  5. SevenPerfectAngels Says:
  6. Kaylee Teehan Says:

    I think the hardest challenge for you was the pool one with all that gunk
    and algae. I’d really like to try jumping on my friends trampoline {with no
    net so it might be a smudge colder} while she sprays me with her hose. 

  7. swanlove2002 Says:

    Nice challenges, Heather!

  8. Alondra Cisneros Says:

    +Seven Super Girls are better than this I would subscribe but I just don’t
    like it;-) no offense :l

  9. Candace Timmerman Says:

    Where did she get that bathing suit? It’s so cute!

  10. robert zuzunaga Says:

    That pool looks bad for 2 moths ours like a years it’s like a week and we
    don’t clean it

  11. Chloe schadl Says:

    Going into the pool “thats for frogs” and i’d like to do the trampoline
    water challenge one 😀 thanks love you xoxo :)

  12. Paula Williams Says:

    You have a body as perfect as it gets. I am so jealous. 

  13. Anna flannery Says:

    Say mermaid 3 times comment on another video and touch water

  14. Laura Nelson Says:

    the water

  15. videostarpro Says:

    I know I got a shoutout last week but I’m gonna answer the question

  16. MzHails Says:

    Omg 1st dare omg your pool

  17. DRDooDoo Sophia Says:


  18. samantha seay Says:

    The pool one because its yucky I would like to try the egg one I never got
    a shouout so give me a shoutout I tryed so hard to get a shoutout

  19. John Randomness Says:

    The pool would have anything I could imagine? Unfortunately, I’d been
    reading up on rattlesnakes earlier this evening. Most of those challenges
    were, shall we say, very cool. :-)

  20. Sabir Ahmed Says:

    She did the ice bucket challenge 

  21. Yuliana Sungkono Says:

    Your pool is awful. It just like lake or something

  22. Janeisha Angela Says:

    Swim in the green disgusting pool and a lot of frog on it will be nice if
    you jump on it and dive on it but its ok its disgusting

  23. joe6go Says:

    less evil version of the icewater chalenge: i almost did the icebucket

  24. Porkchop dessert Says:

    cinnamon challenge is not dangerous!!

  25. Just Plain Old Me Says:

    Take a spoon-full of cinnamon
    Wash it down with milk
    Light yourself on fire
    Cover yourself in salt
    Jump into an icy lake

  26. ravenlorans Says:

    CHALLENGE… Put 5 Bullets in a Six Shooter. Point Six Shooter at Your Head
    and Squeeze the Trigger. If you get the Empty Chamber, you Win a Second
    Chance to do it over again. If you win the Second Chance, the Sixth Chamber
    will be Filled with another Round.

    This will Cure Stupidity in a Head Shot… I mean Heartbeat.

  27. Alendi Says:

    I was expecting a lot more danger here. The worst you can get from any of
    these are some scars.
    Drinking a gallon of milk or pouring ice water over your head is not
    remotely dangerous.

  28. Axenia Maria Ramos Says:

    I have done the salt and ice challenge twice now on the same arm for a
    minimum of three minutes and I have no scars. Plus I am Canadian, its
    gotten to -30 and I have still gone outside when it was that cold!

  29. kreejumss Says:


  30. theguyinthefunnyhat Says:

    I did the cinnamon challenge…and won. I’ve also done the ice bucket water
    challenge and the salt and ice challenge. Not done the fire challenge

  31. BOOM Says:

    NEW CHALLENGE: Eat chocolate!

  32. Sean Rose Says:

    2:08 that’s the ALS ice bucket challenge which everyone should know

  33. I'm a mermaid Says:

    My cousin did it and he set himself in fire then jumped to the pool but the
    challenge was he has to be at a little faraway from the pool

  34. Ansley Elizabeth Says:

    The salt and Ice challenge is actually VERY good challenge, no one can
    really get hurt, and the challenge is for charity, AND, it shows you how
    paralyzed people really feel, so it is a VERY safe and good challenge.

  35. Cerin Owens Says:

    plus the ice bucket challenge wow harsh not its not even dangerous its only
    like sitting in realy cold water and ice for like 10 secs or 5 secs

  36. janderson2000 Says:

    What a cutie

  37. chrisi5700 Says:

    you dont have to set yourself on fire cause you are allready hot!

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