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Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series comparing the various big data platforms and use cases to…
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6 Responses to “Hadoop vs. Oracle Exadata”

  1. yash somaiya Says:

    so if an orthodox ORACLE RAC DBA knows Exadata, he is still not out of
    market right?

  2. Eman S.Abead Says:

    Thanks for this video
    Please i need hadoop 1.2.1 eclipse plugin on ubuntu 12.04

  3. Rosa F Says:

    ??????????? Any response

  4. Flowra white Says:

    thanks, it was very helpful and working fine
    but what should I do if I want to change in hadoop source code using

  5. Subik Pokharel Says:

    ty for the video
    It really worked

  6. Sarah el kantara Says:

    i follow the video to configure my eclipse with hadoop step by step and it
    work totaly with me (they are any problem with me) (y) ..

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