Posted by admin September - 23 - 2014 17 COMMENTS This video explains what is Apache Hadoop. You will get a brief overview on Hadoop. Subsequent videos explain the details.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

(November 16, 2011) Amr Awadallah introduces Apache Hadoop and asserts that it is the data operating system of the future. He explains many of the data probl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to “Hadoop Tutorial 1 – What is Hadoop?”

  1. Clint Lenard Says:

    Great video, Amr! This is very helpful. I’ve learned a lot so far hrough
    the Hadoop course at Dezyre (
    ), but am still learning. This had some interesting info.

  2. Orlando Rodriguez Says:

    He reads a lot…he no exposes good I’m sorry!!!!

  3. Bulat Ashimov Says:

    Kudos to Stanford and to Amr! #hadoop #bigdata 

  4. Ashish Haruray Says:

    Excellent overview of Apache Hadoop by Amr. The session is long but Amr
    kept it interesting throughout. Very effective in explaining the Hadoop
    ecosystem. I liked how he explained the difference between Open source and
    free software. Someone in the reviews seem to have misunderstood that point
    but I think Amr explained it clearly. Thank you Stanford!

  5. Mayank Parekh Says:

    Highly informative, nice presentation.

  6. Rich Turton Says:

    great presentation!

  7. Julio Trigo Says:

    Apache #Hadoop

  8. Caleb Krell Says:

    Where can I get a copy of the presentation?

  9. fuu Says:

    Amr, Great presentation, really awesome. Straight to the point, introduced
    many concepts in understandable manner, and given a reason Hadoop exists
    and what tries to solve. I’ll definitely get into this topic, both feet.
    Thank you.

  10. Gabi Braga Says:
  11. Sumit Arora Says:

    Thanks Amr and stanford :-)

  12. Keith Ragoonaden Says:

    Excellent introduction to the high level functionalities Hadoop and

  13. Fauzy Che Yayah Says:

    The best !

  14. IFarhadTuber Says:

    Very nice talk about Hadoop and where the industry is going(3 years old)

  15. Duke Wang Says:

    The metaphor of kitchen is impressive. As a developer, I am also interested
    in cooking.

  16. Juan David Bascur Retamales Says:


  17. Steven Ridder Says:

    Wow, just watching the video and the audience, I saw some huge industry
    heavy hitters in there! 

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