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GUEST COMMENTARY: Scotland referendum reflects global challenges
"Identity politics" is how former U.S. President Bill Clinton sums up the continuing powerful drive for independence in Scotland. He describes the growing worldwide phenomenon of identification with an ethnic or other group as a major challenge to …

Challenges for gardeners in an unforgiving season
My calendar says my summer vegetables should be harvested by now. It's time for cool season crops to go into the ground. But it feels weird gearing up for winter while we're coming off a blistering week of triple-digit heat. And it's disappointing to …
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Miliband challenges Cameron's long-term plan with "plan for 2025"
… straddled "the pillars" of his previous conference addresses: 2011, which outlined his economic philosophy of "responsible capitalism", 2012, which announced his political project of "One Nation", and 2013, which identified the defining challenge …
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