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The funniest ALS Ice Bucket Challenges + Fails – Compilation! (long) Click here for 50% off BoingVERT’s professional vertical jump program: http://boingvert….
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 Responses to “Funniest ALS Ice Bucket Challenges + Fails – Compilation! (long)”

  1. Max Funke Says:

    Check out this video…the people in Gaza can’t do the Ice Bucket
    Challenge, because they don’t have water and electricity…so they use

    Rubble Bucket Challenge Compilation – #StopTheWarInGaza!!

  2. Fearless Warrior Says:

    Stupid humans. Us wolves fight and survive because of Lust, Dominance, and
    survival. Im the alpha now……..>:(

  3. Abby Rose Says:

    At 8;50 the girl is sooooo skinny

  4. Radoslav Dejanović Says:

    It was inevitable…

  5. Kimmeh Boo Boo Says:

    will someone please nominate shirtless keanu reeves and butt naked Joseph
    Gordon levitt. 

  6. Valtteri Nummela Says:

    This video is full of schitt. Noone needs this video. Please end this
    madness of people posting unneeded content or stupid schitt like this on
    the internet. PLZ. Lol. None of this make any sense. Please help stop tje
    plague that is these people that have apparently no other things to do with
    their lyfe than waste the time of other more valuable people, like me.
    Go get your balls cut of and eat rhem on the way to hell!

  7. rcacad Says:

    8:50 damn! Whose that body!

  8. R5 Griff Says:

    Who was that at 8:50, Those hips Haha 

  9. Chloe Warner Says:

    one of these wasn’t funny…that girl died from a broken neck.

  10. peacloveandgir Says:

    Did the girl at 2:20 die??

  11. Lindsay Hoffmeister Says:

    I love how everyone is bitching about this challenge because of water
    conservation….. You’re putting the water on the ground…. then it
    evaporates…. then it rains…. and it comes back….. Or it soaks into
    the ground and fills the water tables, which are very low so you’re really
    killing two birds with one stone…

    Common fucking sense people.

  12. Jack Torrance Says:

    Those fucking hips at 8:55

  13. Emma Kost Says:

    SO FUNNY!!! There are so many people that made mistakes that were like Mel
    B likes to say ” OFF THE CHAINS”!!!

  14. alexandra r Says:

    Everyone I know personally who’s done the ALS ice bucket challenge never
    donated. People just want to jump on the trend train. But some people
    (mostly celebrities) did take it seriously and donated. If that’s what it
    takes to get people to donate to charities, then it’s alright.

  15. Samimy Productions Says:

    this is the funniest video on youtube this year.
    but hey this 2:20 really hurt her and that is sad.

  16. Shauncie Perreira Says:

    Go iggy!!

  17. Pig Venom Says:

    Wow I never realized so many people were too fucking stupid to just pour a
    bucket of water over their head. 

  18. Julian Santoyo Says:

    There missing the point of the challenge

  19. WBOWLER126 Says:

    2:23 she died you ignorant asshole!

  20. Zaa be Says:

    Everybody who did this challenge waisted WATER 🙁 

  21. Mittens Cat Says:

    Whoever was wearing the swim suit that fell off. WEAR A SWIMSUIT THAT FITS 

  22. bo white Says:

    Who is it at 7:14?

  23. Vincent Tong Says:

    The solfier so fail

  24. Billie Wild Says:

    no offence I would eat jeenas everything on jeenas pizza I think is delish

  25. Jaylynn Meyer Says:

    i will eat Jesse’s pizza

  26. Morgan Gueli Says:

    Are they dating

  27. Maria Crazydawn Says:

    What’s wrong with tuna? I love it

  28. Hong Ker Soon Says:

    Banana Not that bad! There is a restaurant in singapore that serves this:
    Chocolate Banana Pizza

  29. Flutter shy Says:

    I Would Eat jesses pizza and it looks so good and pvp saaaaaaaaaaaaan:()

  30. Ryan Paterson Says:

    i would haply eat jesses pizza

  31. Nicholas Smith Says:


  32. Natalie Morales Says:


  33. Cuttie Daisy Says:

    Jesse’s pizza

  34. melodie hauser Says:

    marrie me jessie even though im 80 years old

  35. HUWHAID sdauh Says:

    On brazil we have something that you should copy, sweet pizzas, like,
    chocolate ones, and some of the take fruits, like bananas or strawberries

  36. Jacob Stearns Says:

    Jesse’s because it actually looks good

  37. Domonique Townsend Says:

    I would eat Jesse’s pizza

  38. Destiney Wright Says:

    Damn fuck that

  39. Bianca Montgomery Says:

    i would eat jesses

  40. Benjamin Kheyfets Says:

    sorry jessica but you have the worst pizza and i love jessies pizza!

  41. Lian Kareem Says:


  42. shmazya rajpoot Says:

    How did thy can Even eat that?

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