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Software Engineering for Web Applications 11. Distributed Computing with Web Services, SOAP ADUni
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Teak and Wenge case using vacuum bagged epoxy-bonded composite panels made from Lloyds of London Certified Marine ply and nydacore. Totally weatherproof. Crunch has survived 6 years of outdoor abuse. Currently vacant Crunch will once again come alive. Designed to house 4 mATX motherboards for Distributed Computing. At one time Crunch was a top producing Folding Rig on back when Folding was CPU only. Now that GPUs are king Crunch would need to house 4 ITX motherboards and some massive graphics cards…which I cannot afford. Hence sitting empty on the porch at this time. Crunch is still one of my maddest projects. Who else do you know that could fit 4 motherboards in a 15″ x 15″ cube? Another genuine CyberDruid creation.

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