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Lecture 1 in a five part series introducing mapreduce and cluster computing. See for slides and other resources.

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8 Responses to “Cluster Computing and MapReduce Lecture 1”

  1. stholy32 Says:

    execllent work.. thx for uploading…

  2. shabi735 Says:

    hy i want to create a distributed clustr plz provide some information…

  3. lovelplants Says:

    can i have a copy too?

  4. ForexReviewsCentral Says:

    great vid! keep up with the good work!

  5. StroonsGlen Says:

    pwede ko mangayo sa imong slide? please!

  6. VondaFononono Says:

    This Lecturing is one of the best 46 minutes of my life today.

  7. yogiisdaman Says:

    I have very little knowledge of parallel/distributed computing or even some of the lower level network behavior that was covered.

    However you maintained my interest and the material was explained clearly and concisely. Awesome stuff.

  8. rikherlaar Says:

    good stuff but the network part was a bit out of whack …leave that to network guys 😉

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