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28 Responses to “Big Data and Hadoop 1 | Hadoop Tutorial 1 |Big Data Tutorial 1 |Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners -1”

  1. edureka! Says:

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    depth and comprehensive response to your query.

  2. edureka! Says:

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  3. Partha Pakray Says:

    Its very very nice tutorials for Big data and Hadoop 🙂 🙂
    I am working in Natural Language Processing domain and I will start
    research on BIG Data analysis. This tutorials is helping me a lot! Thanks
    to edureka!

  4. edureka! Says:

    Watch Big Data Usecases and Hadoop Architecture
    Big Data and Hadoop 2 | Hadoop Tutorial 2 |Big Data Tutorial 2 |Hadoop
    Tutorial for Beginners – 2

  5. Swadheen kumar Says:

    Good Job Abhishek.. good one for learning for new would be
    great if you can add some practical stuff

  6. dinesh kumar Says:

    what is the next video after this can u provide plz

  7. Kishore Mokkarala Says:

    This video is awesome.Before watching this video i don’t have any knowledge
    on BIG DATA and where all HADOOP can be used.This is very useful for HADOOP
    beginners and thanks to Abhishek for his in detail explanation.

  8. Yadi Chinchalpet Says:

    Awsome lecture!! Thanks to Abhishek and Edureka!!!

  9. Pooja Bansal Says:


    Awesome abhishek but i have some questions regarding this class
    1. I/O i didn’t understand its role
    2. if files has to be written in rack 1 rack2 then client will write in 2
    times in different rack and later on data node will write in other node??

    How to join these classes????

  10. mcky mini Says:

    This Theory is available every where ..please post technical stuff -do
    one POC . that will be helpful to every one to understand hadoop and
    utilities. How they can leverage into real world scenario.

  11. Savithri Anandh Says:

    Very informative :)

  12. dinesh kumar Says:

    nice classes dear….

  13. Lakshminarayana Chowdary Says:

    Excellent Teaching by Abhishek.. I really appreciate him for his sound
    knowlege and humor.. Thanks for interactive session.. Thanks again to
    Edureka for posting this classes.. Please keep on post this kind of videos
    which helps all.. 

  14. kavin isaac Says:

    Very informative class , never got bored thanks to abishek 🙂 give this guy
    a hike 🙂 :)

  15. Zohair Masood Says:

    Great lecture. Thanks edureka!
    🙂 Smiley for Abhishek

  16. Pavan Kumar Says:

    what happens if we specify mongodb document as input to Hadoop job. for ex:
    MongoConfigUtil.setInputURI( conf, “mongodb://localhost/” );
    1)will it access directly from mongodb ?(or )
    2)will it copy mongo documents to hdfs then provides inputsplit to the job?

  17. Jothi Ganesh Says:

    Very well driven by the instructor. 

  18. Malti Sharma Says:

    videos are very nice but u should include annotations in videos for foreign

  19. Tarun sharma Says:

    its learning for me but too much repetition of words this presentation can
    be covered in less time if you have not asked for smile after every
    statement …presentation is being done in friendly way for a question you
    are asking for each participants and cross questions happening in
    delivering speech 🙁 it could be better dont make these so slow …

  20. Thanigaivelan B Says:

    Super… i spent my day worth watching this video….

  21. t hopps Says:


  22. damienlevingston Says:

    Excellent. Super over-view.

  23. Sriniwas Gutti Says:

    Simple & to detail..

  24. Purnima Jain Says:

    Nice Overview…. quick and easy…

  25. Yunus Indori Says:

    Great video with great brevity and description

  26. Rakesh Kumar Vashisht Says:

    Very good!! Thanks for the session.

  27. mreddiboina Says:

    We need more of these no bs overview of what is happening with all Hadoop

  28. Anoop Abraham Says:

    Great Explanation.

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