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Analytics 2012 keynote speaker, Will Hakes, shares his thoughts on the big data revolution and how smart businesses are positioning themselves for the change…
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  1. Neal Westphalen Says:

    I guess the women that introduced him didn’t take Bart Queen’s presentation

  2. Quaalude Charlie Says:

    Hadoop 🙂 QC

  3. Goutam Nayak Says:

    AWESOME……………..m heading towards it…………………..

  4. Dschinghis Khan Says:

    There are two aspects of data, what is the value of data, and what is the
    quality of data? The value is what humans have to determine for their
    meaningful existence on Earth. The quality is the accuracy of each data

    I worked with SAP, Sales Force, …. , and spent years fixing the flaw in
    data quality. All the ‘big picture’ applications, the data quality, .. “TWO
    BIG THUMBS DOWN!” All the super modern front end platforms still rely
    heavily on the old database and the back end stays in chaos. All systems
    projects I have been involved in, we have to spend lifetime fixing
    worsening problems, and by the time we finally managed to get it going,
    there is always new solution that will only go through the same cycle of
    same problems.

    Microsoft Excel is the best tool I have ever used for data analytics,
    except post-Bill Gates team is leaning towards the graphic rather than
    functionality, the new pivot is a monumental failure.

  5. Dschinghis Khan Says:

    Big Data or another Big Talk? I am a developer and mathematician in similar
    field, but Big Data unfortunately leads humans to less control over data,
    and just have to follow the data pattern. Data analyzing data cannot
    pinpoint problems. This concept is identical to storm chasing, as much as
    the pool of data tries to predict the storm pattern precisely, there is no
    way to precisely predict, and there is no way to tell exactly which house
    will be hit the harshest by the storm. Intra-storm interaction, data
    interacting with data, extremely high percentage of ‘junk’ data that is
    impossible to be identified as junk, will all result in a chaotic output
    and people will just have to follow chaotically. Out of nowhere, the
    computer will tell me I have to go see a doctor for cancer while nothing is
    wrong. In Quantum Mechanics, the observation itself influences behavior
    of elementary particles and probability waves, and the particles do play
    tricks all the time. Now, indeed, we are in the era of true chaos. Does Too
    Much Information lead us anywhere? When you are unconscious of the influx
    of Big Data, what does the big data do and what is the value, especially
    when there is no way but to rely on the influx of junk data that will
    mislead us? Bid Data is an Inevitable phenomenon, but we all must be
    prepared that our civilization will fall apart because of the invincible
    power of the flaw. This guy talks big but once their solution is
    implemented, they will spend a decade to rectify their flaws, and by that
    time, another hoax solution will come into the market, the cycle will never
    end. Any way, we get same information through TV, smartphone, internet, …
    and we want to have all the gadgets to see same information, and we repeat
    again when we wake up in the morning.

  6. Hoàng Chánh Says:

    Một chặn đường dài đang chờ phía trước của thế giới công nghệ

    Big Data Analytics: The Revolution Has Just Begun

  7. Nicole Boyle Says:

    Great talk.

  8. Riki Irfan Hidayat Says:

    Great video, very informative. Thanks a lot.

  9. Donald White Says:

    insight !

  10. Roy Mc Calvey Says:

    Wow! wish I cud get my head round this. I have little IT capabilities.
    Amazing I can send an E mail.

  11. prasanna kumar Says:

    very insightful

  12. Suraj V.V Says:

    Awesome presentation. Very Informative. This will definitely help me in
    pursuing my career in Data Mining and Analytics 

  13. Serguei Mikhailov Says:
  14. Luca Santirocco Says:


  15. Swapnil Sawant Says:

    Big Data Analytics: The Revolution Has Just Begun

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