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Data rates are growing some 40% each year, and the sheer amount of data has outstripped common analytics and staffing levels — creating a serious data analys…
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Big Data Analytics: Answers from Big Data

Keynote video, presented at the SAS Analytics Conference 2012, by William Hakes, CEO and Co-Founder of Link Analytics. Big Data Analytics is not just hype. B…
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17 Responses to “Analytics: How Big Data Can Solve our Most Complex Problems”

  1. Chetan Khatri Says:

    Which companies in India Works on Big Data ? 

  2. Ankush patil Says:

    very clearly discussed… Pretty Intlligent panel..:)

  3. Pranab Doley Says:

    Big Data for the Big Future ahead.

  4. jfkst1 Says:

    Don’t worry, by the time you get your degree and become qualified to
    analyze data someone will have written a computer program to replace you.

  5. Lena C Says:

    Big Data – The Revolution has begun
    Big Data Analytics: Answers from Big Data

  6. Anthony Trinh Says:

    I love this video. Really informative and shows what the future of data
    holds. #bigdata #bigdataanalytics 

  7. Arindam Barman Says:

    Big Data for the Big Future ahead.

  8. OD Says:

    Great video, informative and easy to understand. Thank you.

  9. Palash Dange Says:

    Best video ever saw on Data Analytics. A nice and clear understanding.
    Which software did you use for makin this video?

  10. Melpo Wong Says:

    Best video. I still love data. Surprisingly, still a lot of people don’t
    know how to collect, integrate, analyse. 

  11. Swapnil Debarshi Says:
  12. Patrick Bellasi Says:

    Think about that men…

  13. Henry Stradford Says:

    “We’re creating it!”

  14. Symbiotic Says:

    Answers from #BigData -

  15. Gruppo Potente Says:

    Answers from #BigData -

  16. Fábio Assis Says:
  17. Tom Ablewhite Says:

    Big Data Analytics: Answers from Big Data

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