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YARN、HDFS、そしてSparkの将来像とは:「Hadoop/Spark Con」基調講演
分散ファイルシステム「Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS)」、Hadoop上の大規模データに対してMap処理(必要な情報の抽出)とReduce処理(抽出データを束ねて処理結果を出す)を行う「Hadoop MapReduce」、Hadoopクラスタの計算機リソースを管理するための …
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Meet Alluxio, the Distributed File System Formerly Known as Tachyon
Most big data storage layers, such as HDFS and Amazon S3, were created to persist data to large banks of hard disks. But Li noted that the throughput of hard disks was increasingly slowly, while the throughput of RAM was increasing exponentially every …
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