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  1. Sunil P Says:

    Sweet and short

  2. BAO Says:

    ▶ What is Hadoop? – YouTube

  3. Lichun Wei Says:
  4. Ravi Bhushan Says:
  5. Broadberry Data Systems Ltd. Says:

    What is Hadoop ? What is Hadoop?

  6. Lionel Sanou Says:

    Great video!!!!!!!

  7. Imran Anwar Says:

    I think it is slightly inaccurate to say 90% of all data that exists today
    was created in last 2 years. In reality a lot more data is now being
    CAPTURED digitally & stored than before. In an ironic way one can argue
    some data types have become smaller in the digital world. E.g. Good old
    color film movies, printed color film photographs, etc., if scanned to the
    level of detail that existed in the pigments had “infinitely” more
    color/pixel data than even a 16 megapixel camera’s photo today do. 🙂

  8. shruti garg Says:

    Hello, Nice video. I wanna study hadoop and looking for good online
    platform from where I can learn hadoop. Thank You

  9. shruti garg Says:

    Ok Thank You Rishabh. I think that they are offering me good stuff at such
    price. Thank You once again .

  10. James P Says:

    I wonder how much the data represented by the 90% is duplicative and/or
    pointless…just like this entry that I am about to make.

  11. Intricity101 Says:

    I think you might be splitting semantic hairs.

  12. Intricity101 Says:

    Cloudera is becoming one of the more popular platforms. There are many on
    the market today, but they are a common one.

  13. سيف الربيعي Says:


  14. Senthil Babu Says:

    This video is more like why hadoop and not what is hadoop.

  15. shih tzu Valper Says:


  16. Jason Brody Says:

    There are 1200 exabytes of information on Earth in 2013, of which only 3%
    is analog data.

  17. Don Mayfield Says:

    Just because data is captured, does not mean that data is valuable.
    Captured data that is collected in a planned way is more valuable and much
    smaller in volume.

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