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Blue Line Innovations BLI 32000 PowerCost Monitor with Wi-Fi Bridge and Sensor

Blue Line Innovations BLI 32000 PowerCost Monitor with Wi-Fi Bridge and Sensor

  • Enables personal real time electricity data to be fed to smart phone and web applications for anytime/anywhere access
  • Learn how and where you are using electricity in the home to make informed decisions to reduce usage and cost
  • Track your current and historical electricity usage
  • PC and Mac compatible with wireless configuration
  • Advanced data analytics, appliance level energy data, energy budgets and alert engines

The PowerCost Monitor is a proven, user friendly real time electricity monitor. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Don’t wait for the electricity bill at the end of the month – see in real time, every 30 seconds exactly how much electricity you are using and the associated cost. Measure the cost of specific activities or appliances. Use the estimating function to project your end of month’s usage based on recent behavior. Simple, do it yourself installation. Everything that you need in the

List Price: $ 179.00


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