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Durham, NC (PRWEB) April 06, 2015

Open Software Integrators, LLC (OSI), the leader in Big Data consulting and professional services, is excited to announce that it has rebranded as Mammoth Data. The new corporate identity reflects the company’s focus on – and rich expertise in – helping companies turn their unstructured information into actionable business intelligence through the use of Big Data technologies like Hadoop®, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase and Neo4j.

Andrew C. Oliver founded OSI in 2008 as a full-service consulting and application development firm with wide-ranging competencies. In the years since, the company has refined its initially broad offerings. Today, the newly minted Mammoth Data is recognized as a leader in the strategic use of Big Data and NoSQL technologies to transform organizations’ unstructured information into highly actionable business intelligence.

This heightened focus on Big Data and BI is reflected in the Mammoth Data brand, which includes:

Modern, eye-catching logo design
A bright, fresh color palette
A new web presence, at

“From the name to the website, the Mammoth Data brand is a terrific reflection of who we are as a company and what we offer our clients,” said Andrew C. Oliver, Mammoth Data’s president and founder. “Our clients trust us with the kind of BI projects that can make or break their business. Mammoth Data provides companies with intelligent Data Strategies and helps them transition to modern Data Architectures. ”

About Mammoth Data, Inc

Mammoth Data, the leader in Big Data consulting, specializes in utilizing distributed frameworks and NoSQL databases to help large and mid-sized organizations get the most out of the information they already have. By combining technologies like Hadoop® with a high-level strategy, we are able to craft systems that capture, organize and make actionable massive amounts of your organization’s data. Basically, Mammoth Data turns your unstructured information into real business intelligence.

Headquartered in downtown Durham, North Carolina, Mammoth Data was founded in 2008 as Open Software Integrators (OSI) by Andrew C. Oliver, an open source software developer and evangelist. The company rebranded as Mammoth Data in 2015.

For more about Mammoth Data, visit, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn, email info(at)mammothdata(dot)com or call 919-321-0119.

Media Contact:

Tara Fusco | Mammoth Data | 919-321-0119 | tfusco(at)mammothdata(dot)com

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​How open source Apache's 'survival of the fittest' ethos breeds better software
amrawadallahcloudera15may220x269.jpg Cloudera CTO Amr Awadallah: More than one project solving the same exact problem. Image: Cloudera. From HTTP Server, to Hadoop and Cassandra, there's no doubting the effectiveness of the Apache Software …
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The road to widespread joblessness and the attendant economic catastrophe it heralds starts with the current Big Data revolution. … After all, increasing reliance on computer systems in the workplace should make IT jobs more secure. Ford stifles that …
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Open source tools for big data: How Hadoop could transform your job and your
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Pivotal open sources its Hadoop and Greenplum tech, and then some
Pivotal, the cloud computing and big data company that spun out from EMC and VMware in 2013, is open sourcing its entire portfolio of big data technologies and is teaming up with Hortonworks, IBM, GE, and several other companies on a Hadoop effort …
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Unlocking opportunities for growth and solving global challenges with open data
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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) November 10, 2014

SlamData, Inc., commercial developer of the SlamData open source project, announced the General Availability of their MongoDB BI/analytics solution.

Installers for the release are available from the SlamData website, or the project can be accessed on GitHub and built from source code. The project is licensed under the AGPL V3 license.

SlamData allows for unrestricted ad hoc queries on data stored in MongoDB. Unlike existing solutions, there is no need to relocate the data or write complicated code. SlamData is the only MongoDB analytics solution to offer 100% in database execution and does not stream data or require extensive data mapping or replication.

SlamSQL, the SQL dialect supported by SlamData, allows anyone to write standard SQL queries against data stored in MongoDB, even if that data is heavily nested or has non-uniform structure. SlamData includes a high-level graphical front-end that makes it simple to build and share reports that pull data from MongoDB.

According to SlamData CEO Jeff Carr, “SlamData is simpler to use and more powerful than any current MongoDB analytic solution. As a result we are seeing significant growth in our user base. Other solutions are limited in flexibility or takes days to set up and maintain.”

Continued Carr, “With SlamData you can literally be up and running queries in minutes. And unlike solutions that rely on streaming or other methods to move data, SlamData executes 100% in database and as a result supports very large amounts of data.”

SlamData tackles this issue directly using advanced mathematical extensions to relational algebra. SlamData’s approach allows full support for SQL queries executing directly on a MongoDB database (or replica set), and also the ability to support much more advanced queries than are possible in ANSI SQL.

The open source project already has hundreds of users. “Simple ad hoc analytics is an increasing issue for data-driven companies including Patheer, says Dennis Harris, Co-founder of Patheer, a company building on MongoDB. Continues Harris, “We have been searching for a solution that will allow us to analyze semi/un-structured data without complex MapReduce and other complicated ETL processes. SlamData has been a breath of fresh air as it allows us to analyze our semi/un structured data by just using simple SQL syntax and executes 100% in MongoDB. Other solutions we tried forced us to relocate our data to new data stores or cloud services which slowed us down and added complexity.”

The company’s patent-pending technology, invented by SlamData CTO John A. De Goes, is based on a formal generalization of 40-year-old relational algebra called MRA (“Murray”). De Goes is a well-known big data expert and founder of a previous TechStars big data startup.

MRA natively supports analytics on multi-structured data (anything from flat, homogeneous data, to multidimensional, heterogeneous data). Unlike all legacy RDBMS technology, there’s no need for ETL or transforming data to first-normal form, and MRA supports everything from simple sums and counts to statistical analysis.

About SlamData:

SlamData is the commercial entity supporting the SlamData open source project. The goal of the SlamData project is to make data stored in NoSQL databases accessible to a broader audience of users, without requiring extensive data replication or preparation as is the norm today. You can support the project by downloading here, or cloning or starring on Github here.

About Patheer:

Patheer is a data-driven analytics platform to engage, develop and retain employees. The Patheer platform encompasses both career research and career planning essentials for companies to help empower employees in the internal career advancement process.

Contact : Jeff Carr jeff(AT) : Twitter @slamdata

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Go Open - Distributed Computing

Today’s home-PC’s are more powerful than we realize: more often than not, our normal activities on our PC’s rarely make use of its processing power. By parallel-linking ordinary computers in what is called Grid or Distributed Computing, the resulting computational power rivals that of so-called super-computers, at a fraction of the price. Presented by Marc Chase

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