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BitBeat: Social Network to Launch Own Coin; Gift Cards on the Blockchain
Meanwhile, Chain is busy working with various other financial institutions, including credit card companies and banks, to develop blockchain solutions for their businesses. “I'm yet to talk to a financial services company where they haven't already …
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Envestnet India and NASSCOM® Present "Architecting Intelligence" Conference
"The disruptive threats to financial advisors continue to grow as more digital advice platforms incorporate artificial intelligence algorithms into their architecture," said Bill Crager, President, Envestnet. "When AI is powered by Big Data and cloud …
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RiskSpan Harnesses Big Data Hiring Ramesh Mugalam and Opening COE in
In this role he led client strategy on engagements in the financial services sector, with a focus on data management, including data architecture and large-scale data governance. Ramesh's work also included delivering IBM data analytics solutions for …
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Network Distributed Computing: Fitscapes and Fallacies

Network Distributed Computing: Fitscapes and Fallacies

Networked distributed systems: Foundations, breakthroughs, and implications *Building tomorrow’s ubiquitous, pervasive networked computing systems *Technologies, protocols, messaging, software, integration, collaboration, security, and more *Avoiding the eight classic fallacies of distributed computing *The role of XML, Web services, Spaces, Jini, and other key technologies *Ten powerful megatrends driven by networked distributed computing Networked distributed computing (NDC) systems are drivi

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Network Security with NetFlow and IPFIX: Big Data Analytics for Information Security (Networking Technology: Security)

Network Security with NetFlow  and IPFIX: Big Data Analytics for Information Security (Networking Technology: Security)

Today, security demands unprecedented visibility into your network. Cisco NetFlow can help companies of all sizes achieve and maintain this visibility. Network Security with NetFlow and IPFIX: Big Data Analytics for Information Security is the definitive guide to using NetFlow to strengthen network security. Omar Santos, Technical Leader of Cisco’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), covers all you need to successfully capture network telemetry with NetFlow and use it to: See w

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of smart data solutions driven by Semantic Web technology, today announced the integration of its Anzo Smart Data Platform (Anzo SDP) with the KeyLines network visualization tool. The advancement will enable business analysts and IT professionals in Global 2000 companies to gain new “big picture” business insights from their big data queries on diverse data.

“The combination of our Anzo SDP semantic technology-driven solution and the KeyLines graph visualization technology enables our customers to enjoy fast, easy and accurate views of relationships, hierarchies and patterns within the data to facilitate better investigations, root cause analysis and new business insights,” said Alok Prasad, president of Cambridge Semantics.

“By embedding KeyLines’ visualization functionality into their Anzo SDP semantic technology, Cambridge Semantics has given their customers a whole new degree of big data clarity,” said Joe Parry, CEO of Cambridge Intelligence, the makers of KeyLines. “This kind of network visualization provides an intuitive and interactive way to understand data, allowing users to see how data points relate to each other in context. It’s a huge leap forward for companies wanting better ways to understand complex connected data.”

The combination of Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo SDP and Cambridge Intelligence’s KeyLines solution will especially benefit use cases in pharma and financial services including:

    Drug discovery – The ability to visualize the connection between research and results in this heavily data-driven process can help avoid effort duplication, identify gaps in understanding, and ensure discovery is more cost efficient.
    Clinical trials – Ensuring a conclusive trial is key to any drug’s success. Network visualization techniques can help find potential participants with the required profiles, analyze trial results and ensure overall vigilance.
    Compliance Surveillance – Link and visualize activities, web logs, email and phone archives, IM communications, and other sources to uncover potential violations of regulatory requirements as well as internal policies and procedures violations.

About Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence Limited is a leading provider of visualization and analysis solutions, designed to help organizations understand their complex connected data. By combining award-winning software, unrivalled knowhow and expert developer services, the company aims to make network visualization accessible and meaningful to all.

KeyLines is Cambridge Intelligence’s software development kit (SDK) for building custom network visualization web applications. Organizations ranging from start-ups from national governments rely on KeyLines to solve their most difficult big data challenges.

Cambridge Intelligence is based in Cambridge, UK.

For more information visit or

About Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics (CSI), the Smart Data Company, is an enterprise analytics and data management company. It enables customers and partners to rapidly build interactive, real-time smart data solutions based on its Anzo Smart Data Platform (Anzo SDP).

IT departments and business users gain better understanding and data value through the semantic linking, analysis and management of diverse data whether internal or external, structured or unstructured. The Anzo SDP smart data solutions are delivered with increased speed, at big data scale and at the fraction of the implementation costs of using traditional approaches.

The company is privately held and based in Boston, Massachusetts.

For more information visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: @CamSemantics.

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Cloud architectures, big data, enterprise mobility: all are creating huge opportunities for business innovation – as well as significant challenges for the network. In this interview, MeetTheBoss…
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Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Field Dailies, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for the telecommunications industry, announced today the commercial availability of Field Dailies 2.0, which offers carriers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and system integrators, a real-time, field crew data collection and management platform that reduces project close-out processes by up to 70%. Field Dailies 2.0 offers automated geocoded tower photo labeling, digital signature, job safety analysis (JSA), hospital locator, and real-time data analytics that includes individual project milestone tracking, site location, total hours worked per site and percentage of completion.

“Field Dailies 2.0 is ideal for LTE, DAS, and small cell deployment because the platform automates and centralizes the collection of tower crew information on a real-time basis” said Field Dailies CEO Jim Duff. “More importantly, we standardize the installation and project close out process while offering the ability to seamlessly flow site deployment data to and from the carrier, the system integrator and the field crew.”

“It’s just so much faster this way. When my boss asks for a report and for detailed progress, I look at the report and there it is. It definitely speeds up the process.” said Ashley Murphy, MPI Industries.

As a cloud-based solution, Field Dailies 2.0 is available on a per-user basis for as low as $ 65 per month, on an enterprise basis or as a turnkey managed field data management solution, which includes a full-time headcount to prepare client close-out packages.

Field Dailies 2.0 most popular applications include:

Field crew reporting
Picture transfer with standardized labeling convention
Tape drop
Geocoded job safety analysis (JSA) with electronic signature
Site audit
Secure content and file sharing on

For more information about Field Dailies 2.0, please click on one of the links below:

Request demonstration
Sign-up for 14 day free trial
Download white paper

About Field Dailies

Built by seasoned tower crew veterans, specifically for tower crew professionals, Field Dailies provides cloud based, wireless telecom field data solutions that automate, centralize and standardize network deployments resulting in increased safety, cash flows and field crew productivity for carriers, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

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Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".

Salt Lake City Lights Up With Fastest Network in The World for Annual
“As science continues to demand more data intensive and distributed computing – networks play an important role. SCinet allows the networking community to work closely with scientists to show researchers at SC first hand how advanced network …
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When legacy apps attack: Lessons from GSA's Lotus Notes hiccup
In the days of computing yore, public-service agencies that were trying to move away from stovepipe systems to a distributed computing environment, or to connect everyone via an intranet, ran into a problem with legacy applications. They were a big …

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McLean, VA (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Centrifuge, leading provider of Big Data analytics and visualization solutions for fraud, security and risk, announced the availability of the latest release of its disruptive Big Data analytics platform, Visual Network Analytics Version 2.7. The newest version of Centrifuge addresses the need to derive context intelligence and pattern discovery in big data by delivering powerful technology that addresses the growing need to quickly filter, sift and understand large amounts of data; improving discovery time and minimizing cost. Unlike traditional analytics providers, Centrifuge is the first big data analytics solution that enables users to bring their own data without requiring costly data transformation and minimizes the need for data scientists.

Corporate Information security is a big data analytics challenge that cannot be addressed with traditional data mining, BI, or legacy analytics approaches, explains Renee Lorton, Centrifuge CEO. The sheer volume and complexity requires a powerful investigative discovery approach that is easy enough for a non-data scientist to use. Machine data, for example, is one of the fastest growing segments of big data, generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and other sources. Now, discovering patterns in Big Data is both easy and cost effective with Centrifuges powerful interactive data visualization.

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics Version 2.7 provides new ease-of-use features that enable customers to overcome the overwhelming influx of big data, conduct visual discovery and investigative analysis to detect risk and security threats more efficiently. Relationship mapping helps uncover patterns, connections and relationships between people, information, events and behavior to form a more comprehensive visual profile.

New features and benefits include:

Manage larger data sets and fine-tune the analysis to focus on what is important through Incremental Build and Link Metrics features. Now users can easily select, manage and explore the items that appear within a relationship graph. The ability to begin with a simple, uncluttered view and incrementally add or subtract connections improves discovery time. In addition, link metrics about the number and types of associations accelerate trend and pattern discovery.

Save significant time by visually highlighting the shortest and all possible connections between networks through Relationship Path Discovery (Find Path). Customers can now easily discover previously undetectable, hidden and indirect relationships within the data, quickly exposing key connections in complex relationship networks. In compliance and risk usage, this feature can help identify potentially suspicious linkages between traders, companies and employees.

Discover new insights faster through Centrifuge Extensible Data Framework. With broader data access, users now have a complete picture and can find answers previously missed with faster resolution. Centrifuge extensible data framework provides broader access to any data set, including structured, unstructured, machine, streaming and Cloud data. Organizations can now develop their own plug-in to connect any type of data source to the Centrifuge data framework, including big data types such as Splunk, Cloudera and Hadoop. In addition to accessing a broader range of data, the Centrifuge data framework gives organizations more flexible administrative control while reducing costs and realizing rapid time to value.

Bring Your Own Data without time-consuming file conversions. With native support for Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 and Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010, users can bring their own data into ad-hoc analyses, leaving the data secure in its original environment and format.

Today, Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics has been deployed to thousands of customers across the US Intelligence agencies, analyzing big data sources for cyber security and counter-terrorism. With these new features, Centrifuge is accelerating its presence in addressing security and risk applications, such as insider threat analysis, security surveillance and compliance mitigation. Version 2.7 is available immediately. For more information or an online evaluation, refer to

About Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a leading provider of Visual Network Analysis solutions that help organizations discover insights, patterns and relationships hidden in public, cloud and enterprise data and social networks. Centrifuges unique approach enables users to bring their own data from any source, easily integrate and filter it into interactive visualizations and share and collaborate with others. Easy to use and easy to deploy, Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics reduces time to discovery up to 70% in fraud, risk and security applications. Selected for the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab Program, and Winner of the 2012 Always On Global 250 Private Company Top Ones to Watch, Centrifuge powers some of the most demanding data analytics and data visualization applications in the world. With Centrifuge, you can See Clearly NowTM.

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Governments and telecommunication operators need intelligence drawn from real time analysis of massive data flows. In response, Brocade and IBM have developed an integrated solution that combines telemetry and real-time analytics processing with unprecedented scalability and response. This technology solves complex problems at high velocity on the world’s largest networks.

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