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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Precog, the market-leading provider of analytics as a service, today announced that it has partnered with GridGain Systems, a real time big data software company, to offer a real-time data analysis solution. Labcoat by GridGain is a breakthrough analytics platform created from the fusion of two best-in-breed technologies: the data analysis technology of Precog, and the in-memory big data technology of GridGain.

With an interactive environment for data analysis, Labcoat empowers data analysts, data scientists, and business users to integrate, analyze, and visualize massive volumes of structured or semi-structured data. Powered by GridGain’s highly-scalable, in-memory data platform, Labcoat helps businesses answer their deepest questions with real-time performance and Enterprise-class scalability.

GridGain has proven itself the platform of choice for real-time big data applications. More Fortune 500 businesses rely on GridGains in-memory big data platform than any other vendor, said Nikita Ivanov, Founder & CEO of GridGain. Now with Labcoat, GridGain has the unprecedented ability to perform sophisticated analytics with a simple user-interface and no coding.

The Labcoat environment with the Quirrel evaluation and execution engine is sourced from Precog, while the in-memory scalable data grid is sourced from GridGain. The fusion of the two technologies is seamless and the entire package is available as a single download (no installation is required for Labcoat, as the software is web-based).

For decades, companies have used legacy SQL systems to analyze data. But legacy systems cant keep up with todays exploding volumes of data, and they can only answer simple questions about data. says John A. De Goes, CEO of Precog. With Labcoat by GridGain, companies can now mine any amount of data to find answers to the deepest of questions, with blisteringly fast performance. Its a revolution in data science.

To learn more about Labcoat by GridGain, please visit the Precog website at and contact us to receive more information. To experiment with the Labcoat application, please go to

About Precog:

Precog is the leading provider of analytics as a service, helping developers incorporate intelligence and insights into their applications. Precog employs the original authors of the Quirrel language, and has developed the industry’s most complete and heavily-optimized execution stack for the Quirrel language. In addition, Precog develops Labcoat, a highly-interactive, collaborative data analysis environment. For more information, please visit and follow Precog on Twitter @precogio.

About GridGain:

GridGain develops scalable, distributed, in-memory data platform technology for real time data processing. The companys Java-based middleware products enable development of applications and services that can instantly access terabytes to petabytes of information from any data source or file system, distribute computational tasks across any number of machines, and produce results orders of magnitude faster than traditionally architected systems. GridGains customers include innovative web and mobile businesses, leading Fortune 500 companies, and top government agencies. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California. Learn more at and follow GridGain on Twitter @gridgain.

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Foster City, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2012

Data is only valuable to a company if it can be acted on. The faster organizations are able to move from gathering to acting, the bigger the strategic advantage. Corporate IT departments are feeling the pressure as the push to use big data grows and corporate SLAs become increasingly demanding due to the globalization and consumerization of enterprise IT. In order to meet this demand for action, companies need to make sure they are addressing the Velocity aspect of Big Data solutions, rather than just Variety and Volume.

GridGain (, the Java-based open source middleware platform for real time big data processing, is announcing the availability of GridGain 4.0. GridGain software addresses Velocity as well as Volume and Variety by processing live data using their unique integration of highly scalable compute and in-memory data grid technologies. Unlike complex, decade-old SQL, ERP or Hadoop ETL systems that use dead data for batch offline processing, GridGain 4.0 allows businesses to harness live data for smarter, low latency real time transactional and analytical processing.

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