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As Cybercrime Escalates, Businesses Fight Back with Technology and Big Data
Elsewhere, we're seeing widespread data breaches at big box stores like Target, Home Depot, and more. Even in emerging markets there's a huge opportunity as the middle class's online presence grows rampantly, and their desire for financial inclusion …
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The power of small data: big data isn't king
“I can't feed my baby daughter data, as much as I'd love to because I love data. It's only useful if you apply it to create an actual public benefit.” –Todd Park. As Todd Park, U.S. technology advisor in Silicon Valley and former Chief Technology …
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RichRelevance crafts recipe for ingesting big data
The trouble for companies who are trying to exploit the new opportunities presented by big data is that the necessary extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) work is amplified many times over and across multiple dimensions. San Francisco-based …
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Looking back at 2014's top stories
The Temecula City Council skipped a large presentation and went straight to business after former Temecula Mayor Mike Naggar gave his gavel to fellow Council Member Maryann Edwards announcing her as the city's mayor for the new year. She presented …
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NSA's Vulcan Death Grip on VPNs
A presentation by a member of OTP's VPN Exploitation Team, dated September 13, 2010, details the process the NSA used. OTP's VPN exploit team assigned its members to branches to specifically focus on regional teams, … VPN “digital fingerprints” is …
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KMWorld 2014: Enterprise knowledge & customer value
Cheryl McKinnon, principal analyst at Forrester, revealed that “electronic hoarders” may finally have been vindicated, because the advent of big data has allowed longitudinal analyses of vast storehouses of data that were previously dormant. “Despite …
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