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Leaders in Big Data

Google Tech Talk October 22, 2012 ABSTRACT Discussing the evolution, current opportunities and future trends in big data Presented by Google and the Fung Institute at UC Berkeley SPEAKERS:…
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24 Responses to “Leaders in Big Data”

  1. Venkatesh Babu Says:

    Even if we send a small land Rover to Mars it needs an exabytes of storage
    to get all the information right from weather smell and vedios and the
    other information. It was a good presentation. Thanks.

  2. David Wrench Says:

    Very good talk, this gave me a good direction to focus effort in learning
    more in hadoop clustering and MapReduce. Along with 30,00ft view of the
    direction “Big Data” is heading.

  3. Steve Digital Says:

    +Google Talks #bigdata #discussion #talk #google +Google UK +UC

  4. Shuiying Wang Says:
  5. marksman Says:

    Big Data Leaders :

    Leaders in Big Data

  6. Quaalude Charlie Says:

    🙂 QC

  7. PCLogiq C Says:
  8. Timothy W. Cook Says:

    *C.R.A.P.* data. Very good description of healthcare information. This is
    the foundational philosophy behind the development of +MLHIM

    *Create, Replicate, Append, Process*

  9. Anupam Malhotra Says:

    A good discussion on Big Data

  10. Madrox Says:

    man i love these talks.

  11. 6006133 Says:

    Create Replicate Append Process

  12. Telstra Says:

    These Tech Talks are must-watch. Really insightful.

  13. katagun5 Says:

    Introduction is awful as usual. The talk itself is good though.

  14. Rohit Sivaprasad Says:

    Starts at 6:00 Save yourself some time.

  15. Jean Michel Letennier Says:

    Advocates for the status quo.. And all of this is no longer necessary…
    technology has moved on even if people still have not

  16. jugbandblues Says:

    Yes it would be the grease that’s required. But also some art folks on the
    other side. Between the artists, techies and the philosophers in the
    middle, you have the perfect blend

  17. BarryA Says:


  18. Gilbert Tan TS Says:

    These guys rocks….this is where 3D search fills the gaps for data mining
    and analysis.

  19. Sandeep Kamble Says:

    If you use Google Thumbs Up

  20. Dylan Johnson Says:

    its overladen with techies .. get a philosopher on board !

  21. Pan Wang Says:

    Seems privacy problem is still unresolved

  22. ricointx Says:

    That’s why he’s a SVP.

  23. Jon Wise Says:

    haha introduction is um always um kinda like um stand up comedy.. um …
    yeah.. .. .. um

  24. Alexandru Dragoescu Says:

    aaa um…

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