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Hundreds of bees terrorize subway after man kicks hive to prove it's safe
When they discovered the box held a hive of bees, which the man said he was carrying “in order to do a business transaction,” he was detained and, understandably, informed that he would not be able to enter the subway. The man, however, did not seem to …
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Bristol installs bee hive on roof for honey menu items
Woman remains hospitalized after… Clarksville woman badly burned,… A beekeeper installed a beehive on the roof of the Bristol Bar and Grille in the Highlands on Tuesday. Roughly 50,000 bees are in a hive, but they are not expected to bother diners.
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Is the Game Hive the Next Chess?
In Hive, each player controls 11 bugs of five types. The game pieces are hexagonal tiles. Hive's most distinctive feature is something it lacks: a board. To start the game, the first player takes one bug from his supply and places it on the table. The …
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Honey on tap: Check out the Flow Hive
The special Flow frame fits into a standard hive. The frame has partly formed honeycomb cells that bees complete with their wax before filling with honey. When the honey's ready to harvest, several tools are inserted into the frame so honey can flow …
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