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Does InfiniBand Have a Future on Hadoop?
Hadoop was created to run on cheap commodity computers connected by slow Ethernet networks. But as Hadoop clusters get bigger and organizations press the upper limits of performance, they're finding that specialized gear, such as solid state drives and …
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DataTorrent tackles complexity of Hadoop data ingestion
Working as a component within a Hadoop platform, dtIngest can work with both streaming and batch data. It can exchange data across a variety of file systems and protocols, including NFS, FTP, the Hadoop File System, Amazon Web Service's Simple Storage …
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Yahoo struts its Hadoop stuff
We've heard a lot lately about how Hadoop has stalled. Matt Asay recently cited a Gartner report describing demand for Hadoop as "fairly anemic," while in March InfoWorld blogger James Kobielus pointed to a "puny adoption rate." The problem is, to get …
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