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This Hadoop Tutorial is part of the Hadoop Essentials video series included as part of the Hortonworks Sandbox. The Hortonworks Sandbox is a complete learnin…

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10 Responses to “Hadoop Tutorial: Apache Hive”

  1. Balaji Satya Says:

    Kindly see if above Tutorial helps you. Thanks.

  2. Gunnar Nielsen Says:

    The files you keep refering to(e.g. /user/sandbox/Batting.csv) does not
    exists in the sandbox, how do you add them? (not everyone is cli experts)

  3. Andrew Peng Says:

    really good for beginners

  4. Prasobh K Says:

    Good tut

  5. gubendran lakshmanan Says:

    Very nice presentation with clear examples also with hive architecture.
    Thanks Horton works..I love your logo though similar to evernote..

  6. Naga Vinod Says:

    really good

  7. Dipesh Bhandari Says:

    It was really well clarified and understandable! Thank you so much to
    Horton works! 

  8. Bertrand Dolimier Says:

    Very helpful

  9. Kiran Haridas Says:

    Really a good…. Stuff.. But i couldn’t able to understand…

  10. Hortonworks Says:

    Want to learn the essentials of Hive and use your SQL knowledge in Hadoop?
    Here’s a video tutorial:

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