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Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies – Hive Pre-Order the new album DORIS on iTunes! Director: Hiro Murai P…

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20 Responses to “Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies – Hive”

  1. iAmKingLite Says:

    Hear me out on this one. Most of you guys are brainwashed into the media’s
    music on the radio, such as trap or whatever you call it. This is real
    music. If you’re to dumb to not understand the vocabulary, then oh well.

  2. kidbishop Says:

    thiz sux, wat happend 2 real hip hop frum da 90s. i only lizzen 2 tech n9ne
    Hopsin immortal technique diabolic cus there da only onez dat make reel

  3. XDylanWolf Says:

    God this guy sucks. His beats are terrible and all he does is say random
    gibberish that happens to rhyme.

  4. TheTice1 Says:

    But those dogs though? Lol

  5. Ethan Franklin Says:

    “Breaking news less important when the Lakers lose” LMAO.

  6. NMF Katsuya Says:

    Let’s be real. If Lil Wayne or any other artist said this shit Earl was
    saying in this song then y’all would be saying its trash. Some people just
    dick riders and try their hardest to like all of Earl’s new shit even when
    it’s trash. Go listen to “Couch” then come back to Hive. Couch shits all
    over it. 

  7. Diego Gonzalez Says:

    Why is the OFWGKTA profile pic that guy ?

  8. Adrian Swan Says:

    Since a lot of people have been commenting what is the diff between Hip-Hop
    and Rap I’ll give you a glimpse. Rap is kind of more sinister than hip-hop.
    While hip-hop is more upbeat and has more happiness. Rap would have more
    sinister beat and lyrics that doesn’t make sense. I hope I gave you at
    least an idea.

  9. Dimitar Vasilev Says:

    this is music?

  10. Nutshell2K Says:

    His lips bother me?

  11. edward quintanilla Says:

    does anyone know a version without the second guy??

  12. James Ghost Says:

    *Checkout The Remix I Just Uploaded!*

  13. Belly Lak Says:

    Imagine a rapper with chances flow and sound with earls lyric ability…

  14. Ahmad Williams Says:

    Look, I get it. Earl is clever and this song isn’t just random vomit. But
    understand this. HOW a message is delivered is just as important and the
    message itself. I just wish he (and the entire Odd Future) did a better job
    with making their music more melodious.
    Delivery is a huge part of hip-hop. Arguably the most important. 

  15. briman224 Says:

    I like Earl but I hate Tyler

  16. NIGGA-SPOCK Says:

    +XxCOOLIGUANAxX I’m 17 and not a weed smoker. I’m also in AP classes and

  17. DylanOnXbox Says:

    This bounces hard af

  18. Dominique Williams Says:

    The real reason people listen to this is because there are not 1 but 2
    amazing artist on this track and they both snapped much respect to earl and

  19. ludwing ronces Says:

    Vince staples>Cassie veggies 

  20. Glennes LeggoMyEggo Says:

    Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey V…:

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