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Hive by Earl Sweatshirt with lyrics (feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies) There’s two mistakes that I know of, if you find any please let me know. I replaced…
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24 Responses to “Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies – Hive (LYRICS ON SCREEN)”

  1. fernando vela Says:

    what’s mean yeezy or jeezy? someone could tell me please

  2. ManMoo Says:

    i thought it was “Here I see it, eye in the pyramid-“

  3. Kyle Rochez Says:

    2:23 *
    ** POLLO off the grill and shit


    I am a really big fan of odd future and I have heard all of their songs but
    this Is by far the best

  5. Megan Wood Says:

    This song hit?

  6. Danny Pastor Says:

    Pollo off the grill n shit .

  7. Julien LA Says:

    Earl was weak. But Vince Killed it!!

  8. Aurelio Medina Says:


  9. Tyler LaFontaine Says:

    Breaking news, deaths* less important when The Lakers lose. 

  10. The big daddy skank Says:

    these lyrics are so off

  11. Eric Rodriguez Says:

    fuck this gay ass rap

  12. Alex Cage Says:

    This beat though

  13. gio crespo Says:
  14. TheAciDicBro Says:

    rich nigga centpide

  15. Brent Parra Says:

    one of my favorite songs everrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Bracken Peterson Says:

    Rooftop bronson come on now…. not rising

  17. Iain Charles-jones Says:

    Pretty sure it’s “Tryna’ boost raw chronic” rather than “Tryna boot while
    – Apologies if someone’s already said this

  18. Troy Offiah Says:

    This shit clean as fuck nigga

  19. jay mustache Says:

    Shits dope

  20. Denzsyl Leon Says:

    lyrics will be like spittin dirty ..

  21. vikVictory96 Says:

    Pollo off the grill and shit

  22. Spark Says:

    “So, here I sit. Eye in the pyramid.” Nope, no Illuminati symbols here.

  23. Eli Mohney Says:

    the lyrics are not correct

  24. Jonatan Högström Says:

    OMG that beat kills! Keep it up bro. From your swedish fan

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