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Cloudera Doesn't Spark Hadoop Wars, Really?
Don't tell Oracle's head honcho Larry Ellison that some of his former employees have taken a page from his book, but darn if geeks at Cloudera aren't saying inflammatory things about the competition. In this case, the competition is Pivotal Software …
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The three open source projects that transformed Hadoop
Initially, Hadoop implementation required skilled teams of engineers and data scientists, making Hadoop too costly and cumbersome for many organizations. Now, thanks to a number of open source projects, big data analytics with Hadoop has become much …

Airbnb Boosts Presto SQL Query Engine For Hadoop
Airbnb, the data-driven travel giant, announced Thursday that it's donating an internally developed tool called Airpal to open source, a move that could give Facebook-developed Presto an edge in SQL-on-Hadoop querying. Airpal is a Web-based …
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What you need to know about Hadoop right now
In fact, HBase is even more vital and Cassandra is on fire in the marketplace, although many now consider it to be its own thing outside of Hadoop. (If you think your brain is running out of room, at least you can forget that HAWQ or Greenplum ever …
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