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Bean Boozled (New Flavors!) w/ Dayviideo | Spooky Challenges

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15 Responses to “Bean Boozled (New Flavors!) w/ Dayviideo | Spooky Challenges”

  1. HeyoTheo Says:


  2. Orange bonez Says:

    I feel like Megan is always sick….

  3. Marcus Verdi Says:

    is it weird that i was eating whilst watching this video and didn’t even

  4. nicole ramirez Says:

    Remember when you did this
    June 25 2013

  5. Strawburry17 Says:

    New flavors…new fears…

  6. Lian Verdeflor Says:

    my first sb17 was the bean boozled challenge video… memories.. 

  7. Catherine Knight-Diaz Says:

    God, if you barfed after eating barf, then wouldn’t you technically have
    thrown up twice?!?! #CommentGirlAsksTheRealQuestions
    May October bring Frights and Ghastly Delights,
    Comment Girl

  8. Just_a_random_ girl Says:

    Where can I get bean boozed? I live in Ohio 

  9. Sparkling Sugar Cookies Says:

    They should make a new flavour of jelly belly ‘pepperoni or lady bug’

  10. Ali YOLO... Says:

    i was about to puke when i got rotten egg and i got it of the first day of
    school so u know i didnt want to leave 2 period 

  11. SusanPlaysMC Says:

    Is it bad that when i did the challene with my sister she couldnt tell wich
    was wich on the moldy cheese and rotten egg? she just ate them like they
    were normal jelly beans..

  12. Jennifer Nguyen Says:

    Where can I get bean boozled cuz I live in Australia sydney

  13. JoshLemus Says:

    Stinky socks is the worst in my opinion

  14. Bronwyn Roskilly Says:

    I live in the UK and I can’t find any bean boozled anywhere. Will I have to
    order them of the Internet?

  15. Olivia Taylor Says:

    They should make ice cream or salt!!

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