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YouTube Nation counts down the top video challenges of the year including what’s in my mouth, ghost pepper, and ice bucket. Let us know what you think of the…
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17 Responses to “5 Biggest Challenges of 2014”

  1. YouTube Nation Says:

    Count down the 5 biggest challenge videos of the year with us in tonight’s
    #YouTubeNation .

    Did we miss any? 

  2. Michael Zola Says:

    Some great challenge remakes. +Chuck From The Bronx +Good Mythical Morning

  3. Michael Splan Says:

    I would do the ice bucket challenge now… but unfortunately I live in
    Michigan…I would become one with the snow and FREEZE….I’ll just donate

  4. Celeste Evelyn Says:
  5. Brian Martinez Says:

    +PrankvsPrank +Jesse Welle you guys are in this one 

  6. Julian Gaal Says:

    This is BY FAR the coolest “company” to work for!

  7. SkitsWeekly Says:

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for YouTube Nation to get back on the rails and
    to start posting these videos again. I’m happy now :)

  8. Chuck From The Bronx Says:

    Great job putting this together +YouTube Nation :)

  9. Noeabe Carrillo Says:

    You got the “Ice Bucket Challange” rules correct!
    Millions of people get the rules wrong.
    You both deserve a real cookie.

  10. Nick Junior Says:

    After youv’e played the whole video, press one repeatidly 9not too fast,
    dont hold down the button) and do the same with 2. Listen to the sounds!


    Messi > Ronaldo 

  12. iliya HP Says:

    5 Biggest Challenges of 2014:

  13. zukomomo Says:

    The “not my arms” thing has been around for at least 10 years, actually,
    but not necessarily as a challenge, more as a humorous skit. Still a
    classic. :D

  14. Ariel escobar Says:

    PvP saannnn

  15. That's Kid Says:

    Pvp saan

  16. Builder Bob Says:

    I loved this video!!!! haven’t laughed so hard like this at a video in a
    long time

  17. Cryptonymicus Says:

    OK, this time I laughed.

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