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​How open source Apache's 'survival of the fittest' ethos breeds better software
amrawadallahcloudera15may220x269.jpg Cloudera CTO Amr Awadallah: More than one project solving the same exact problem. Image: Cloudera. From HTTP Server, to Hadoop and Cassandra, there's no doubting the effectiveness of the Apache Software …
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Big Data Finds Ideal River Locations for Hydro-Power
A software app developed collaboratively by the University of Leicester and High Efficiency Heating UK Ltd. automatically selects appropriate locations in UK rivers to site a large range of micro renewable hydro-power turbines in UK rivers and …
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What worries private sector CIOs, and why it matters to feds
Robbins said the “consternation around change” demonstrates the huge “mega shift” getting underway in technology, as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, social media and big data combine to radically revise how organizations – public and private …

Bad news for IT: Robots and artificial intelligence will take jobs
The road to widespread joblessness and the attendant economic catastrophe it heralds starts with the current Big Data revolution. … After all, increasing reliance on computer systems in the workplace should make IT jobs more secure. Ford stifles that …
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